Radius established outpost.

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  1. I think i created a small problem myself, :eek: that with some help from mod fixable, by moving the locked chest / coordinates, but i hope its not needed.

    Whats the radius from established outpost 1500 block from chest or 3000 blocks from the locked chest ? If the radius is only 1500 from locked chest. then have a problem, because for some reason the 3000 blocks got burned in my mind and started to calculate with that.

    Because i have found nicer places more away from the center of the locked chest, but the main base would be just around the 2600 blocks from center chest. Good start preperation where not enough :O
  2. The radius of established bases has not yet been set in stone by the admin team. The guidelines for establishing bases (5k from spawns and 3k from other visible bases) are setup to include the maximum feasible radius with potential buffer zones.

    As nothing has been set in stone (and I am not privy to those conversations so I cannot be more clear about this) you should not assume that your base will encompass the entire radius that is set for establishment purposes.
  3. If you're concerned about land disputes now or in the future, you may want to establish another base at your new spot. Although it's super unlikely, someone else may "own" the area you are wandering into since they could of est 3000 from you. Their center of town could be just 400 away.

    Once established, you should hopefully be able to win most land disputes in your established area (1500 overworld, 187.5 nether) anything more than that and it will most likely come down to who developed any area first. They can always just call it general wilderness also and tell you to "share and play nice.".

    They have been intentionally vague about the exact radius. This "established" concept is actually just to cover things until there is a more automated system of securing areas. Hopefully we'll get more clarity then, I've got a blaze spawner at 200 nether I'm calling mine, but if I find 3 other people I don't know there using it one night, I'm not actually sure if I can say anything.
  4. Ok, then i still need to move the existing locked chest, because i want the name on the new coordinates. After that i can establish new coordinates. because the old location is a fgew 199 blocks off anyway. Things changed in the months bestween establish and building.