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  1. So I've joined like… 171 days ago. and I've heard many people talk about Maxaris ( i think a admin or something) But I've never seen her post anything or go on EMC since… well.. 171 days ago!!! this question has been in my mind for along time and i would love for there to be a awnser thanks guys!!!
  2. Maxarias is an Administrator. She is inactive on the forums and (for the most part; she held a small party a few months ago) in-game. She still handles a lot of stuff behind the scenes, though, mainly to do with billing. She holds the title Billing Manager.
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  3. Oh thanks! i just heard a lot about her and never seen her. is she ok? anything personal? Anways… When will she be active again?
  4. Max is awesome! if you get the chance to meet her she's really fun and nice!
  5. Well that kinda gets my patience down :O thanks sam, thanks xD
  6. I remember watching some of her lives streams a few years ago... good times...
  8. Maxarias is also Aikar's wife (I think; and Aikar is the owner of Empire Minecraft). :)
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  9. Thanks And I knew who aikar is :p