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  1. Hello everyone,I've always had this question its kind of childish but,How do you make more friends? I mean on EMC,
    If theres a wild community,Im never invited,if theres a party,Nope not invited
    ,If I need some help,Someone said to me Go ask your friends.Which deeply hurt,I almost have no friends.So I ask you,the wise community of EMC How do you make more friends?
    Emc is a friendly place but most of the time people ignore you to talk to their own friends.
    It really makes me feel saddened and neglected
    (Btw I hope I posted this in the right section.I would also like to add the last time I made a thread it failed terribly,Only one person replied so I dont really expect much people to answer me :()
  2. Ice, people are just busy on Emc , and for wild communities , try going to the LLO on smp7, everyone is welcome to build there, as long as you don't build in designated land. If you move to smp2, it's pretty active and cool in there
  3. I don't know... This is what I think its done.

    Say hi every time. Join convos or make one..
    Do the same next day..

    Did I missed something?
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  4. Maybe its the server your on. For example if your on SMP 1 at peak times then everyone is talking and its hard to get your voice heard! If your on a quieter server then you may find no one is talking at all. SMP 4 has a good community but can be quiet sometimes. Just like gap said say hi everytime you join, get involved in server chat, ask if you can help someone or if they can help you! There are plenty of outposts on the forums and apply for one of them, you do not have to be invited! Hope this helps :D
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  5. Join the LLO, we're a welcoming bunch! :cool:
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  6. hehe The forums is a great place, also the best friends I have were the Newbs I helped out (two new people (both friends) Joined the server and I helped them get set up and gave them some stuff to start off and ever since we have talked, Even now when we don't play EMC allot we talk on Skype and we now play on a server some of my friends of mine and me set up. I have to say without EMC I think I would not have become the person I am today.

    so my success was helping others, And also being known on the forums is a good thing too :p
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  7. Having a happy profile pic.
    Being positive.
    Saying HEEEELLOOOO EMPIREMINECRAFT!!!! every time you log in That will probably get you banned :/
  8. If you make people feel comfortable they prolly like to have you around. Like if you check out res and give some honest feddback about their work. If you support some projects and so on. You can do this also in the forum. When you see people you talked to on the forums ingame visit them say hi. :)
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  9. Come to smp6, It's really quite, but the whole server is kind, giving, and welcoming. We have farms and mines that like 3 people at a time will be using, and your generally invited if you say "anyone wanna go mining?"
    I hope you have a better time on EMC
  10. I be you're friend...
  11. Must resist to correct ... urgs... "I will/would be your friend."

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  12. Just do a bit of server hopping, your guaranteed to get friends if you go on a quite server. Help noobs out when they join. I get quite a few friends that way. Participate in events. Your bound to make friends!
    I think everyone who has replied to this thread will be your friend.
  13. If you just hang out with them, and /tell them and have a natural good time, like exploring the wild with them, you will generally become very good friends.

    The Entire EMC Committee is your friend.
  14. Be yourself, be social. :)
  15. I do not have any friends in real life or on EMC, and it does not bother me.
  16. Now, everyone is going to say come to my smp, it the best, but all of the smp's can be fun and welcoming, even if I think smp7 is the best. I would say that the best way to make friend is to be generally friendly. Figure out which people you like from the chat and their conversations, and then always say hi to them, invite them to things, and try to go to residences were people are at. As long as your friendly and not annoying (which I'm sure you not) you will make friends eventually. I know it took me a while, but once I did, I liked EMC a lot more.
  17. i feel you... but dont worry, the more you post, and the more active you are, the more you get noticed.

    i have been here almost a year, no body remembers me. its fine though :p
  18. I have learned, when you come on a server, it may not be all servers, but from experience, no one will really notice you unless you are popular or they like you.

    You should play a lot, say Hi and Hello! to everyone. When new people join, make friends with them, too.
    You should personally ask the Outpost owners in pm if you can join, if they wont respond on the thread.
    If people are so rude to say "Go ask your friends" You might a well /ignore them.
  19. Manic put everything about MC friends in a great video-it's funny, but it all really does work