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  1. Well I got Macros a couple days ago and I was wondering how do I make it that if someone joins EMC my character automaticly says "Welcome to EMC (players name)! Where Creepers hug back =)".
  2. Whats macros
  3. This
  4. I asked on the thread, and chickeneer said it was fine. :3
  5. he was asking HOW.
    again, it is fine for NEW players; but not ok for every player that connects to the server ;)
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  6. I'm not that good with script, so could someone tell me what to put exactly?
  7. To be honest, I don't think you'll learn that much from getting told exactly what to put
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  8. True but Im a nub :p
  9. I tried something like this and had help with Jackbiggin, unfornetly the script only worked for ALL players who joined the server, rather then new players who haven't ever been on the servers before.

    However, you can pin a key so for once a new player joins you can press "D" and the message will appear, which is the most common way.
  10. Tell me how to does that
  11. If someone can get me the exact message that appears in chat when a player joins, I can probably whip something up and explain how it works.
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  12. I got it.

    With formatting:
    [bluecolor]Please [whitecolor]/v newplayer[bluecolor] and welcome them to EMC
    [whitecolor]newplayer[yellowcolor]has completed the tutorial and joined the Empire!

    Without formatting:
    Please /v newplayer and welcome them to EMC
    newplayer has completed the tutorial and joined the Empire!
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