[QUESTION] Is this actually a thing?

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  1. It's a ticket from July 2013 so plans might have changed since then. However, there's still a ticket, so it or something like it, is possible in the future.
  2. I cannot see the image due to the device in which I am browsing with; can you explain to me what the image shows?
  3. Apparantly. I wouldn't mind since I have all my trophy points =P
  4. For now...
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  5. Sorry. ;)
  6. It appears to be a suggestion to award players with rupees for trophy points earned on the forums.
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  7. Thank you. That sounds nice. :)
  8. No. That's not true, I think it's from July.
  9. What? :s
  10. :s
  11. The ticket was created on the 5th of July, 2013.
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  12. KNEW IT!
  13. It's also from 2013 =P
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  15. I KNOW.
  16. Hellokittyro, I think the year on that ticket was 2013.
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