[Question] If you were stranded on an island...

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  1. If you were stranded on an island, and you had no way of EVER getting back to civilization, not even with passing planes or ships, what three items would you want with you.

    that is the question of this thread.
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  2. Highly based on situation.
    Are there trees? Fish?
    Still, probably a knife, a salt filter, and a stone to sharpen the knife with.
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  3. All the company I'll ever need on a deserted island.
    Say hello to penny, chip, and used napkin.
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  4. But you won't be indoors.
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  5. yes there are actually TONS of trees, and it is an island in an ocean, so yes there are fish
  6. :eek: not even a little bit?
    In that case I would want a durable knife, several lengths of rope, and a cactus farm for water. (because why not?)
  7. Bowie knife, water filter, and a tent.
  8. I would want a shovel sword and pickaxe, if it was minecraft
  9. A nokia: I could lethally kill anything within 500 yards by throwing it
    A dog: something to comfort me
    A lifestraw: a portable water filter which filters water directly from a body of water in the straw right before you drink it
  10. Pie, servants, and weapons. Pies provide all nutrients and power I and my servants will need. And weapons, I like weapons.
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  11. A knive, A hatchet, and a piano - and i'd do just fine :cool:
  12. a hatchet. just like the book Hatchet by Gary Paulsen
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  13. a laptop with internet access and a source of electricity so i can play empire minecraft.
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  14. If i were stranded here are the 3 things i would want and reasons

    unlimited Rope
    Reason: To use as shelter, Fishing, Heating, clothing, and easy making a fire.

    a non breaking axe.
    Reason: I can make a house out of the wood. Also it is a good weapon (baccas be chop chopin)

    A dog that will be always strong and never die.
    Reason: I can never live without a companoin. I would like a dog so i can have a companoin that is really trained and well... i would be able to say hi if i get lonely... so basically the only thing that would keep me from going completely insane
  15. Let's see, if I could only have one thing, I think I'd like a boat so, you know, I could just get back to civilization. Maybe even a yacht if I'm feeling fancy.
  16. Bowie like knife one that has a wood saw on it, a pot to boil water and as much para cord I could carry.
  17. Lifestraw, survival knife, and gonna agree with darkvilla here, tons of para cord :p

    None of those things exist...
  18. If I were alone;
    A sturdy tree, a noose, and something to jump off.
    Reason being even if I had a dog, I would go crazy, get hallucinations and die of that. Also, I could get like, Dysentery or something and wouldn't have anything to treat it with. I'd want to die a quick death and atleast have some kind of choice over what kills me.

    If I were with others;
    Something to live inside, a batsuit, & my dog.
  19. Spongebob, Patrick, Mr. Krabs
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  20. hmm...

    A plane, a pilot, and how ever much fuel it takes to fly a plane around the Earth 100 times XP

    Shady manatee says: Just because I can't get back to civilization doesn't mean I can't go back to the mainland to get more items whenever I need them!