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  1. So Lately Ive seen much people with thing after there post.

    here a example: (POST)
    And theres like a msg here

    Thats my question How do u write a msg there I've seen lots of people with this and i want to too :D
  2. You mean a signature?

    At the top of the page click on your name and click on signature.
  3. If it's listed after every post they make, that is called a signature. Signatures can be added to your profile by clicking your username in the upper right hand corner of the page, then signature.

    I suggest you keep it to no more than 6 lines of text or the image equivalent - any longer and the extra info will get cut off by the signature constraints.

    EDIT: Ninja'ed by ThaKloned, but the second paragraph will be useful.
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  4. Thanks I did it :D
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  5. Nice, though I'd suggest you say which server your shop is on. i.e. "Come to /v +Jst on smp# for an awesome shop"
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  6. Okay Thanks….DONE
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  7. &lHi Just testing out something to be alarmed
  8. Lol, that doesn't work. :p

    Use the toolbar thingy instead.
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  9. Oh Thanks Okay Know I see