[question] How to..?

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  1. So there is this option to type in /v +shop and you will end up in a random shop.
    So my question. How to get between those random shops. How do I get my shop in that list, so when people type that also end up in my shop? Thanks!
  2. /res tag add shop :)
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  3. Ok, thanks a lot :3
  4. Ok, got one more question. Maybe somebody can help with it without making a new topic.
    How do you make a text when somebody warps to your res and when somebody leave the res?
    For example: Welcome to 8028 horse shop. and one when they leave.
    How you do that? Thanks again!
  5. Unfortunately you must be a gold supporter to do /res message enter [message]
  6. Ah, ok. Well, thanks anywayz :)
  7. Gold supporter at minimum. Works if you are diamond too.
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  8. That is implied :p
  9. You would be surprised. I've encounted many people that haven't known this. :p