Question: How often do you get sick?

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How often

Rarely (1-2 times per year) 24 vote(s) 55.8%
Semi-rarely (3-4 times a year) 8 vote(s) 18.6%
Commonly (5-12+ times a year) 11 vote(s) 25.6%
  1. I get sick very rarely, like right now I am.

    But I'm asking you, the EMC community, not me, How often do You get sick?
  2. Can an admin or someone please add this option to the poll: Commonly (5-12+ times a year)
  3. I very rarely get sick. The last time i got sick was like january
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  4. Depends how you define sick. Do you mean sick as in like throwing up or just having a general illness? I get colds quite often when it's seasonal, but I am hardly ever sick (as in throwing up sick).
  5. general illness
  6. Sickness this year: Throat sore (that's it)...
  7. Sounds bad.
    I don't get sore throats, lucky me. My younger brother does, though. He also has had cavities. I brush my teeth less than him, and have never had a single cavity!
  8. I came out positive for some test, it meant it was horrible and very contagious...
  9. wow...
  10. I seem to get sick all the time. Having mono at 14 caused my immune system to get stupidly weak.
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  11. Ever go outside or take showers very often?
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  12. Yes and yes. I don't go outside as often as I should however because, where I live, there are hay fields everywhere and I have a severe hay allergy that triggers my asthma.
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  13. No wonder, your immune system is not trained to fight any anything, stop taking showers and go outside...
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  14. i have no allergies, lucky me. No asthma either!

    I'm in tip-top shape, except for the fact that I'm sick right now
  15. I hate you, I have both...
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  16. poor you
  17. Ik :/
  18. A lot of my friends have no allergies either
  19. I have something similar to what rman has.
    I have asthma and allergies. But it doesn't get as triggered as much ;3
    For this reason, I get sick a lot. ;3
  20. Same here