[Question] Horse names?

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  1. Earlier today, I was thinking about some promos. The "promo horse trio", to be exact.
    • Incitatus
    • Saltar
    • Valens
    What's up with those names? Thanks to some quick use of Google Translate:

    • Incitatus: Latin, meaning "encouraged"
    • Saltar: Spanish, meaning "jump"
    • Valens: Latin, meaning "healthfully"
    I can only assume that this was intentional. However, my (brief) search of the forums and wiki found no mention to this.
    I also couldn't find the original post regarding the 1.6 Update, and this was probably mentioned there.
    Thanks for a moment of your time, anyway - FunWart
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  2. Already knew about Incitatus and Saltar, but always thought Valens meant brave. Turns out we're both right, it meant strong/healthful in Latin, but changed to mean brave/valiant in modern languages that came from it (French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, etc).
  3. Interesting!
    This would certainly be a nice factoid to add to the wiki, for other curious EMCers.
  4. I actually found this out earlier and mentioned it to the Contribution Team to possibly somehow include it into the wiki.
    • Incitatus: This has several meanings. Some of them relate to speed
      • Encouraged, quick, aroused, excited, fast, rapid, swift, passionate, flurried, agitated, impetuous, boisterous, blusterous
    • Saltar: This has most of the same meanings, mainly centered around jump.
      • Jump, leap, hop, jump out, pounce, pop, leapfrog, vault, pop out, jump across, dance, plunge, prance
    • Valens: Centered around being strong, healthy, powerful
      • Strong, powerful, effective, healthy, potent, effectual, worth-while, stout, vigorous, healthful, hale, hearty
    Fun Fact: Incitatus was a horse of a Roman Emperor, Caligula, which was fabled to have a stable of marble, an ivor manger, purple blankets, and a collar of precious stones.
    Valens is a nick-name for a pretty fierce guy, sometimes known as the "Last True Roman" which is a pretty good title, seeing how Romans are pretty awesome.
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