Question: can tamed horses be traded? how?

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  1. If i have a horse tamed and i want to trade it, how can i do it?
    Have to create an egg or...?

    I have searched this information but i cant find it.

    Thx in advance :)
  2. Yeah, you have to eggify the horse. Simply right click it with a stick and it'll be put in egg form for you to sell/trade/whatever.

    Or, if you just need to give someone rider access for a minute, you can do /horse rider add [player].
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  3. Uhm I see... Not good news for wild players xD

    Thank you very much! ;)
  4. Why is that not good news?

    It's no different than Town.

    For Horses, Eggifying is for trading/changing owner. Stables is for storage.

    To trade, simply eggify the horse, re-place the horse with the egg, wait/feed it to grow up.
    Then new owner sits on horse and tames it.

    Now you have the exact same horse with a new owner.
  5. In the wild we have to pay 100 for eggify :(
  6. 100 is nothing. If you sell horse one in a day for example, 200 rupees in the wild, this happens-
    +100 Daily Log in Bonus
    -100 Eggify Fee
    +200 Payment From Buyer
    You still get the 200 that can be gotten from doing it in town. The 100 is nothing
  7. You lose 100 of 200, that is 50%. :confused:
    Anyway I think it is fair. It is much easier to produce on wild (not horses, in general) than in the town. And if you will sell only one horse you can carry it with you to the town and eggify there. The problem comes if you want to sell a lot of horses produced in the wild.
  8. If the person you are selling to is in the wild where you and the horse are located, the solution is easy. Have them pay you, then get on the horse and type /horse release. You will get a message telling you to type the message a 2nd time. After you have typed this command 2 times, the horse is untamed and ready for a new owner. The person who bought the horse can feed it sugar or wheat to make taming it easier.

    There is no fee from the system for taming or releasing horses. I believe the command stable store is also free but stable summon charges a fee from the system.
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