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  1. Now, I'm finally getting back into the swing of things here on EMC after some time away due to secret government missions and constant rampaging as a giant fire-breathing dinosaur, but I am still somewhat fuzzy on certain areas. This particular issue comes from the Shiny Arrows. As the name suggests, they are quite shiny; and for that reason, I want to keep them! However, it appears that whenever I use a bow, it automatically uses up my shiny arrows before switching over to my regular arrows, and I don't want to have to lug my shiny arrows back to spawn whenever I get them to prevent myself from using them. So, what I was basically wondering or maybe suggesting was a way to toggle which arrow type you use depending on which ones you want to use. Not sure if this has been asked before, so I do apologize if it's been mentioned. Thanks for your time. :)

    Edit*: Upon investigation of our friendly neighborhood wiki, I do see that shiny arrows are set to be used first. :p But still, being able to toggle the use of them would be nice; I have no clue if it would be possible or even useful to most people, though. :)
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  2. I always carry an enderchest and silk touch.. It beats having to walk back and forth.. :3
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  3. Yeah, could just be a /ps setting, right?
  4. Within mojang I always thought of suggesting a shield you could apply ... when you right click you use it... when you unequip it it defaults back to sword....

    Same thing with that I thought of having something for a bow too... 'a quiver' ... which is basically an extra storage for only arrows...

    It might be a hassle to have an extra gui - but what about the use of a chest (or a quiver)? :3
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