Question about the wild...

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  1. So I have a question...
    What is it considered if someone happens to pour water over you if you are afk, while you are in the wild
    and the takes all of your stuff?

    To me that is considered pvp'ing...
  2. Yeah, thats PvP
  3. It is considered PvP and will be dealt with accordingly.
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  4. ^^ yup... nothing that causes death on someone else is tolerated here
  5. So how are they going to figure out who did it? I used the EMC Investigator a lot and it isn't working right now so I can't see...
    I had a full set of lvl 30 armor on, and a bunch of other stuff
  6. They wont be able to... :(
  7. Get ahold a mod/staff. I believe they have a death record just tell them what server and time it happen
  8. However I dont think they have a record of who was around when he died...
  9. They may be able to tell by chunk data..
  10. They probably have the ability to look who placed water in at that time of your death.
  11. I think they only track tnt and sign placement. But if the EMC Investigator gets fixed and they find death records they could probably work out who it was.
  12. Nobody know what they track, but they might will be to find out who did this.
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  13. They have said before that they track lava and flint & steel usage. I have never heard them mention tracking water buckets.
  14. They do that because PvP is mainly done with that, but there is a possibility that they could track it
  15. Question;
    How do you know that's how you died if you were AFK?
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  16. You end back at spawn?
    Maybe they saw themselves drowning as they came back.
  17. But how does he know how he died?
    *EDIT* perhaps
  18. That happened to me with flint while I was afk And I came back And I saw myself burning
  19. I came back, and right as I got back I saw myself covered with water and it said that I had died...
  20. I'm surprised that a moderator hasn't replied to this thread yet