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  1. So earlier I saw on the voting message that it said something about getting new properties for voting, but I don't see anything about that on the page about voting in the wiki. Did I misunderstand it?

    I also saw a forum discussing the 100 day voting streak kind of sad reward of a certificate that does nothing. Maybe, if it hasn't been placed as a reward yet, that could be when you get a second property? I think it'd provide a huge incentive to get a high voting streak. . .
  2. I think it was mentioned to be implemented at some point after Dragon Tombs but thats the last I heard of it.
  3. Assuming by properties you meant new residences, you do not get a new residence as a voting streak reward (as of now).

    Yes, you do get a certificate of appreciation as the vote streak of 100. This, by no means, is sad. It's something that's unique and shows others that you dedicated your time and possibly a quite a bit of effort into this server. This item has sentimental value, which is worth more than something that's worth a ton of rupees.

    Everything you need to know about voting is right here:
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  4. For now it displays nice holographic message when put in frame :)

    But in the topic, I got another question :

    What happend with "Next voting bonus reward in.... h" message in MOTD ?

    I really would like to know (after doing few votings) how much time is needed untill next voting streak.
  5. But am I right in saying you can get supporter vouchers??
  6. I haven't seen those messages in a while I think, but if you go to "My empire" and select "Rupee History" you can check when did you vote, I have read that you may vote every 16 hours.
    I don't think you get supporter vouchers by voting.
    Here's a list of the voting rewards
  7. Yeah, i knew that, but thx for reminder :). I read that each vote (on the same account) shortens the time to next voting streak by 1 hour, from initial minimum 16 hours, so it is possible to have even 2 voting streaks every 24h.
    It would still be nice to have it calculated down to the minutes, by the system (in /p command for example).
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  8. No supporter vouchers are offered for voting.
  9. I would vote for this server if there were NO rewards. The size and vision of the server along with the obvious dedication of the staff and the love of the members makes this a truly unique experience in the Minecraft universe and for those reasons alone it's worth supporting. Don't look a gift horse in the mouth and don't call a token of appreciation sad. If you consider all the diamonds, emeralds, and custom items that are unique to The Empire vs. the one "kind of sad reward" you'll receive on your way to a 100 voting streak it works out to a pretty nice overall reward with a nice personalized change of pace at the end.
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  10. Eh, but it doesn't really do anything, so imo it's not very motivating. You'd think they'd put that as the first reward, seeing as you're supposed to get greater bonuses as time goes by. But to each their own opinion. My main interest is the part of the message that says that you can get more residences. It's very misleading to say that if it isn't true. Anyone have more information about it?
    Message reads "Earn Tokens, Rupees, More Residences, Unbreakable armor" etc.
  11. They're coming soon.
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  12. It's not supposed to do anything, think of it more of a "Thank You for dedicating your time to voting for us", which gives the player a sentimental value of the item itself. Before all of these bonuses, voting just gave you 500r, and they added them so it motivated people to vote... and because of that people keep asking for more and more sadly. I'm fine for the amount of bonuses that we have now, but it's really nice from the staff to keep adding special stuff for us and to maintain a populated EMC. I'm thankful for all these bonuses, and everyone who is voting should be too :). As stated before the "more residences" by voting is a work in progress. This is all my opinion by the way, other people may have different ideas of voting and stuff, but this is my point of view.