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  1. Hi! I'm not so new to EMC been here for a few months but I've NEVER been to the frontier I spend all my time in the wastes and on my res...I have a question. So I know the frontier never rests so they say not to mine there but like are we allowed to dig/cut trees/kill mobs? It might sound like a stupid question but I heard you can ONLY build. I wanted to build in the Frontier but haven't because I'm worried that I might have to flatter land to build a house or chop a tree thats in the way etc.. I know greifing isn't allowed so i won't do that but yeah if anyone could specify what is and isnt allowed that be great :)
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  2. The Waste shouldn't hold any permanent structures because it resets periodically.

    The Frontier is a bit different. The Wastelands were introduced because the area surrounding the Frontier was mined up and destroyed. Players are encouraged to do their mining/gathering resources in the Waste to keep the Frontier spawn walkable and pretty.

    Think of it this way: if you plan on going back to town immediately after mining/gathering resources, you should use the Wastelands. If you plan on settling down, maybe making your own permanent mining outpost, you should use the Frontier.

    There's no rule against mining in the Frontier, though, so you're free to do whatever you want. :)
  3. Well, what's there a wild for if you can't break blocks? When I go to my wild base in the frontier I mine, dig, demolish trees, build and murder those devilish, little baby zombies.. I'm almost 100% sure it's okay if you break trees, dig, or kill mobs (staff doesn't really crack down on the mining "rule").
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  4. oooooo ok cool :) thank you!
  5. one more question...what happens if I find a under water temple or I allowed to take stuff from it or is that considered griefing?
  6. You are allowed to do anything with the naturally generated structures. The only things you can't touch are things other players placed or built.
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  7. Thank you!
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  8. Ah I only just got this haha I built so many hang outs in the waste cus I thought you couldn't make a pick axe in the frontier :confused:
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  9. But a problem with doing that in the frontier can be that you start mining or messing with a temple that is on someone else's claimed outpost area, there is currently no way to see that on any map. You could get banned for griefing in that case. I know this, I have an established outpost in the frontier and a few times people have wandered into my territory and started doing... things... and yes I did report it and they were banned.
  10. Yea, there's a catch 22 when people's outposts are not public knowledge. Yea, you don't want griefers to be able to find you, but how can you know where one outpost begins and ends? I was reading the establishment posts and it seems that this lack of information can also make it difficult to establish an outpost when you can't see if another is within 3000 blocks.
  11. Like, how can you tell if you have wandered into someone else's territory unless they've like built a visible boundary of some sort?
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  12. My 2 cents is basically a repetition of what Penguin already said above... If you have mining in mind (because you need resources for your Frontier base) then the best thing you can do is to stick to the area where you're building and playing. Because you'll know that area over time and you know what to expect from it.

    If you want to move out or expand (for example an ocean monument because you want to build a farm) then it's relatively simple too: make sure to explore the area thoroughly before doing anything with it. Same applies to other areas and structures. Found a desert temple which you want to use? Then start by exploring the area around it (in a radius of, say, 50 blocks) to search for visible signs of possible other players being there.

    And that applies double if your Frontier outpost isn't established.
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  13. Luckily they're working on an anti-grief system and making it so that if you happen to come across someones outpost you wont be able to place or break blocks. I'm not sure when exactly it's coming out though
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  14. Well there are still potential problems with the solution from ShellUser. For example, if you are building and mining in an area that you haven't had problems with in the past, someone could theoretically place a new claim near enough for it to suddenly become griefing to continue there - which is a shame if you have done a whole lot of work on something but not bothered to claim it.
    Or, another scenario, you have been building in someone else's territory all the time but never known it - 5000 blocks is huge, we haven't even explored all of ours yet.
    I don't know if it will become impossible to place or break blocks in a claimed area, but just a message below the chat field stating that 'you are now in claimed outpost nr ###' as a warning. Then nobody can say they didn't know it was an outpost. It probably won't show in live map so the bases can still be somewhat hidden.
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