question about teleporting back to outpost

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  1. My in-game username is Georgebrick and i want to know if it is possible to teleport directly back to your outpost.
  2. Not via commands. If you set your spawn at an outpost, then travel back to town, if you die you will spawn back at your outpost. It is advised to have an enderchest.
  3. thanks but how do i set my spawn there
  4. Just right click on a bed, same way as you would in singleplayer. But on EMC, you can set your spawn during the day as well, but you still cant sleep. You'll receive a message in chat once youve set spawn :)
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  5. thx alot and just to clarify theres no way to teleport to your outpost. And can i teleport to spawn at my outpost?
  6. I can clarify this for you. You can't teleport using commands while being in the unprotected wilderness area. You can only teleport at wilderness/wastelands spawn or in town.
    You can set your spawn by sleeping in a bed at night. I believe only supporters can do that during the day though, and you're not a supporter.
    So if you set your spawn at your base, you'll get there if you die. You'll still have to walk back to spawn if you want to teleport to town though.
    An ender chest at your base is recommended.
    Because it's not possible to teleport at will, the most preferred method of traveling is making a rail track through the nether. You'll have to make sure the portal networks don't get messed up though, because there are a lot of portals in the wilderness.
  7. What 607 said. :)