Question about repair costs.

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  1. This might have been answered or be common knowledge but here goes.

    Are the items we repair ment to cost more each time?

    So I have a Dimond pickaxe with Eff5/Unb3 I used it down to the last dot of wear. I made another Dimond pickaxe threw down on the anvil and it cost me 17lvs. I did the same thing again only next time it cost 29 for the same thing? Is this a bug or normal what's the reasoning here? I looked around the forum a bit but this forum is HUGE.

    Thanks for the reply in advance.

    P.s. I know about flipping the items it was not that. 29 was the cheap side.
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  3. Thanks for the info man.
  4. Each time you repair the same item it will cost more expensive until the cap level of 39exp,
  5. this happens in vanilla minecraft too (more costs), but emc added extra costs 4 repair also.
  6. What those guys said