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  1. I see there are slight differences like Potion of Poison + vs Potion of Poison II or Potion of Regeneration + vs Potion of Regeneration II. What's better or for what situations are they made for?

    having a hard time wrapping my head around it
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  2. Use poison 2 and regeneration 2, regeneration 2 lasts less amount of time but it actually helps. Poison 1 barely damages people if they have proper gear, use poison 2.
  3. ok so the jolt of the II potions is better than the long-lasting effects basically?
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  4. Poison 2 damages twice as much. Regeneration, likewise, heals twice as much. They don't last nearly as long but are much better to use.
  5. Yep.
  6. thanks, I've decided today to finally get into brewing. I've bought and used potions before but never really spent much time brewing them so learning about it. I've literally had all of these mob drops saved up over time and they are rather useless aside from brewing so putting them to use now.

    So far I have DCs of healing II, regeneration II, and fire resistance +. Probably will do Strength II next, not sure after that.
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  7. Poison is only really useful in PvP. I've never used it outside of the arenas. But both variants have their uses.
    • Use Poison II if you're just fighting a player. As said above, it does more damage, and straight fights often last less than 16 seconds.
    • Use Poison I if you want to be the guy with the really long poison potions. Seriously, don't be that guy. Use Poison I if someone's running from you. It actually slows them down.
    Regeneration II all the way. It's so much better than Regeneration I for so many reasons.
  8. for Poison II wouldn't it need to be a splash potion?

    so far I've only brewed bottled potions, no splash ones.
  9. Most has already been said, but maybe this can also help, it's a chart of all the ingredients and what route you can take to use them in a potion (courtesy of the official Minecraft wiki on Gamepedia). You can look at it and even download it here:

    To download: click on the image, then you get a bigger version, right click and use your browsers download function.

    Maybe another tip: pufferfish to make potions of water breathing. Once you have a few all you need to do is find a swamp and bring a good shovel, then you got a lot of clay literally ready for the picking :)
  10. the one ingredient I'm lacking in is pufferfish because I gave away all I had during a drop party a few months back

    so I have a small handful of pufferfish, all gained during Seffy's fishing parties but I'll need more if I'm going to get to a DC of water breathing potions
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