Question about multiple property ownership

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  1. This is probably a question that would be better off sent in a private message to the admins, but this just came up and I really need to get it out there. I haven't played on EMC actively for a while, so I'm not very clear on residence rule updates with former supporters (That last sentence probably didn't make any sense). My brother used to be a Gold Supporter and had claimed a second property. He canceled the subscription a while ago but still kept his property for close to a year after that. Unfortunately, he no longer owns that residence. My brother and I had spent hours working on it and spent hundreds of thousands of rupees on it and it was just force claimed and everything we worked on was gone.

    My question: Why did this happen? I mean, the property was currently being used and my brother's last login was 4 days ago, so there's no reason that his property could have been force claimed other than that his max res cap might have gotten reset when he became a regular member again. I don't care about all of the stuff that was lost, it can easily be gotten back, but I want to know why this happened and if it's still possible to claim another residence since my brother lost his second one.

    In case anyone's thinking this, no this is not an April Fool's joke and I actually did lose 200k+ worth of items. I haven't told my brother his property was lost yet, but I'm sure he would be fairly upset about it.
  2. I'm sure nothing has changed. It may have been a bug... :(
  3. Nothing has changed recently. Perhaps he unclaimed it himself?
  4. The res in question was reset and unclaimed by the res owner. If you would like to discuss it further feel free to message me privately.
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