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  1. hello i read that some mods are legal and some illegal. i was wondering if something out there knows if there is a legal mod that helps you put items into the crafting table faster instead of having to drag them each time or one that lets you craft the item as long as you have the necessary items that make up what you are trying to make. also will installing a new mod work online even thought i have never used a mod before? thank you to anyone who helps or tries to help.
    You can use the linked mod to execute crafting commands. I suggest looking on YouTube to find out how to structure the commands, as it can get confusing. Once you get the hang of it, it is a very convenient mod. :)
  3. NEI works, it is in the incompatible list because of their cheaty commands(these just auto-writes the actual command for you, but the crafting helpers works perfectly =)
  4. hey can't thank you enough i really appreciate it thank you
  5. I just noticed that the numpad is perfect for the crafting table configuration.
  6. so does that mean i can download it and use it? with out getting banned?
  7. Yes, but just try to keep it utility mode just in case
    i use it all the time when i need to make dc's of stonebricks
  8. so how do you just make an item without having to drag??? if i have the item in my inventory how do i make the next item without having to drag? i have it now in my game the mod. just dont know how to use it too much
  9. I believe you Shift + Click the question mark when looking at a recipe.