Question about mob spawn distance

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  1. I know that on EMC mobs spawn 64 blocks away from the player, but I was wondering if that was a radius or a diameter?
  2. I assume its a radius to give you enough thinking time wether you want to go fight a momentum showing up in chat :)
  3. Mob Spawning Distance

    • In Vanilla Minecraft, mobs can spawn up to 128 blocks away from you.
    • In EMC, mobs can spawn up to 64 blocks away from you.
    It is a "radius", sort of. It's not a circle, because it's Minecraft.
    It is 64 blocks away from a player, so a 129x129x129 cube around you.

    Using diameter doesn't make sense in this situation. It's not a stationary shape, it is a distance from a player.
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