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Discussion in 'Frontier and Player Outposts' started by MageTrixx, May 10, 2014.

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  1. I have had a few questions ive been wanting an answer to. So here goes.

    As far as I understand, the wild is unclaimable thus someone can not self claim that an area is theirs and other may not go there. As i see it, the wild is 100% public. People can ask others not to go in certain areas or use certain things, but in reality it is all open for anyone to venture. Please let me know if im wrong.

    Another thing, if I have found (not paid for locations) grinders or farms on my own, am I at will to share those grinders and farm locations with anyone I please?

    Im not asking for an opinion cuz I understand the point that its frowned upon, im looking for a rule infraction that makes sharing locations of public wild area a bannable offense.

    That being said, and like most things, its a dog eat dog it against EMC rules to sell locations of anything found in the wild to other members?

    Again, I am looking to find out if these are bannable offenses, not just "frowned upon"

  2. Technically, yes the wild is 100% public, but people set up outposts and they do have the right to kick you out or report you if you build anywhere near or in their area that has been claimed. They don't claim it with commands, just by pming a mod or staff to get it recognized as a claimed area.
    For the second one, I would get permissions from the builder of the grinders to see if you are allowed to use them and if they want you to bring others out there. At the end of the day, if you didn't build it, it isn't yours and you don't have rights to use or build on it unless the original owner gives you those permissions.

    All of these things, if not handled correctly, can be bannable offenses, or just frowned upon if they aren't that serious.
  3. see its still in a grey area. I basically want to know if i sell locations to things i have found in the wild, is that against rules?
    And if i just show people what i have found in the wild, is that against the rules as well?

    I have read up on the rules, and i dont see anythting that states that either of these are against the rules.
  4. yes, selling locations that are not yours and showing people locations that are not yours is not allowed. The original owner or builder has to give full permission and a mod should be involved to verify it.
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  5. Could a mod explain this further? Cuz if thats the case, im not going to go out 50k+, ill just go off spawn and build my wild res. And when people I dont want there, i guess they will be reported. Thats what im getting from this at least
  6. If you have to ask if it is a bannable offense, then you shouldn't do it. You clearly know that it is highly frowned upon, and that it is a very shady/scammy doing, so don't do it.

    I would equate this situation to selling/giving away flags on a res that you have +admin on. While it is not technically against the rules, it is not something yours to sell, and it is wrong/inappropriate in every way possible.
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  7. I think what you're looking for is an 'encyclopedia'-type answer. I'd PM some staff instead of a public thread where all you're really going to get are opinions.
  8. yes ty haro. I want to know if its against rules. I dont care about opinions I just want to know what the guidelines about this grey area
  9. while selling locations is allowed because the buyer assumes all responsibility, using other peoples grinders without their permission IS a bannable offense. yes the wild is open to being walked all over but if you interact with anything in a claimed space that can be considered bannable very easily. so if you pick up soemthing from a grinder or touch a button or anything of that sort without the owners permission you can be reported and banned.
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  10. how do you find out if an area is so called claimed?
  11. rules doesnt say anything about using a grinder, but taking stuff from unlocked chests and break blocks, unintentional or not, is a bannable offence.
  12. well in the case of a grinder the rule is if anything is built on it then someone owns it. alot of times they have been abandoned long ago if close to a spawn (not true on smp6 but im sure its true elsewhere) so you may get away with using one, but if things get altered because of you the new block logging system will find you and youll be banned. its just recommended that law abiding citizens dont mess with peoples work in general because you never know when that person is goign to walk by and see you there.

    if you really want clarification pm the senior staff the coords and ask if you can use it
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  13. Let me suggest a pretty simply rule that everyone should be able to understand and abide by.......

    It's really quite easy........

  14. I thank you all for the responses, but the opinions do nothing for me. EMC has set up rules for a reason, I do not want to break any but I was just seeing if a mod would comment on the thread as to if any of my questions are against the rules.
  15. And weeh666, thats pretty obvious. Not sure if you read any of the post or just blindly commented. Opinions are NOT what im after.

    TY and if any mod sees this, you could close this thread
  16. These aren't opinions. These are the rules, just not the same wording
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  17. I'M sure.....Definitely not a blind comment and yes, I read all the post, and to me it's just a bit of common sense that's needed - if it doesn't feel right, just don't do it.
  18. That is why i am looking for FACTS and RULES, not opinions. And common sense can be misconstrued into a false opinion leading players to get banned for nothing, or altering they way they want to play because they were told something is against the rules, when in fact it is not.
  19. I have searched for any rule that pertains to these questions, so if one of you that has found the rule that pertains, please do past the link.
  20. there isn't a way to claim parts of the frontiers as of yet, but soon, soon their will be. but for now, there isn't. people may come and go, walk past, or just check out your place. it is your duty to lock your valuables up so that nothing too important could possibly get stolen in that dreadful case that someone wants that. to limit your chance of this happening it is best to venture a while out, so that less people will walk across your fields.
    if you find someone elses grinders, you leave them be, this goes the same rules that you wouldn't want your things touched, right? you don't blast the cords all over the place for others to see, that is wrong, and unkind. that is someones base, think, you wouldn't want someone doing that to YOUR base, correct?

    i do not believe there is actually a written rule that says you aren't allowed to, but its common courtesy to not.. but, if you use or alter someones things and they find out and its logged, the person using it could easily get banned for griefing
    people should be mature enough to be good about it and just walk past it and forget it. this could/may change in the future as i am unsure.
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