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  1. Im not sure if this is the correct place to be posting this, but i have a question about god armor. What is the difference between god armor and normal diamond armor with the same enchants? Is it soul bound? I was just curious. Thanks! :D
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  2. God armor is the same thing as diamond armor with the same enchants :) Hope this helped.
  3. God armor is simply a nickname for diamond armor with full enchants (prot, unbreaking, thorns, the whole deal).
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  4. Ohh i see!! Thanks guys!! This really helped! I was about to buy some thinking it was soul bound, but i already got full enchant diamond armor! Thanks again!! saved me tons of rupees lol :D
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  5. Just being curious here but; any particular shop you guys could recommend for this?

    Considering that I have some rupee's to spare it might actually help me with mining a bit :)
  6. Can't think of any specifically, but you might run into some luck looking around Mob Arena adjascent residences
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  7. If you do, I would recommend NOT getting it with Thorns. It wears out the armor a lot quicker and isn't that much of a help in the long run.
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  8. i know /v 7500 sells it for 5k per piece, i believe they all have protection 4 and unbreaking 3
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  9. Thanks fr0g! I found the place (looks beautiful too, can't help wandering off a bit as well) and now I'll have to make up my mind about this. But /v 7500 selling at 5k looks like a very fair and good deal...

    I know some shops sell those enchants (enchanted books) for approx. 5k as well (so both enchants, approx. 2.5k per book), and then you still haven't got the armor :)

    Anyway, I'll probably going to buy this and also going to try and slap Feather falling & Aqua infinity on some of those parts. Then you got yourself a really overpowered set of armor :)

    Thanks again!
  10. I recommend you not pay anyone for any armor and instead go to one of the many public XP grinders and enchant your own books/apply them to the armor as necessary.