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  1. Is there a way to see *how* you died and not just when and where? I ask because it appears that a player might have killed me and not a mob and I just want to make sure.
  2. It doesn't say, but I believe most things a player can do to kill you are tracked (ie lava).
  3. For this detail, it would take a staff member. If you suspect you may have been the subject of another player breaking the rules, please let one of the Staff members know in a pm.
  4. Type /deathlog true

    It will show the messages too then.
  5. that worked, perfect

    it wasn't a player
  6. Oh, that's awesome, I didn't know that!
    Pvp is off anyway ;) But he could've thrown lava on top of you or made you fall a great distance, of course.
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  7. The reason I thought it was a player was because I had a few items in my inventory when I died and when I logged back in they weren't on the ground and I'm way out in the wild so I know another player wasn't in the chunk I'm in. So I thought a player caused me to die and then took the items. None of the items were worth anything so I wouldn't have cared, but I guess they just despawned anyway.

    Given the death message I doubt a player caused the death but there was one possible way they could've done it. It would've been someone experienced enough to know how to do it to avoid getting caught though and given the fact that they wouldn't have gained any items except for a stack of steak I doubt it would be worth looking into further.
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  8. With the way you're avoiding to share your death message you're making me very curious! :p
  9. Gonna work with Aikar on getting the commands list up to date because I didn't either =P
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  10. Well a goal of the new command system is that it has all the proper metadata that we can generate in game help systems to list all the commands, their syntax, options and descriptions :)

    We're getting so close to that now with most of our commands utilizing the new system.
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