Question about a villager farm in residences

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  1. So, I set up an infinite villager farm at my outpost in the frontier and it works beautifully. I came to town to set up the exact same thing and the villagers are not breeding. I set it up exactly the same way, and nothing.

    I know they are ABLE to breed in town, because I set up a very rudimentary one at ground level and they bred like rabbits.


    I am far below the residence mob cap. I've tinkered with the design, and check, double checked and triple checked my measurements and door placements, yet the refuse to breed.

    My question is, do they only breed at ground level in town? Is there some difference between town/frontier regarding this I need be aware of?

    Thanks for your time!
  2. Maybe check your res flags? There is a villager flag I see and maybe there's a breed flag or something?
  3. I thought about that, but it shouldn't affect whether they start breeding or not.
  4. maybe you've hit the entity limit on your res? Try /entcount
  5. maybe need more daylight? when I failed it was underground. is anything covering the farm?
    I saw someone is breeding using water as a floor and mine is in the air so it answers you it doesn't need to be on the ground. maybe they don't recognize doors somehow or the other way door and villager recognize each other so they don't think they need more?
  6. I don't think daylight is the issue. It has clear field of vision directly above the doorline. I have the EXACT same build in my outpost and it works beautifully.
  7. I do not think it would work because I teied to make a mob grinder in my res but it did not work.
  8. Mob grinders don't work but villager breeders do.

    Have you tried removing and replacing the doors to see if that triggers something?
  9. Could the information in the video here starting at the 8 minute mark apply to your breeder?

    I am not sure I understand it exactly but in the video they state that putting blocks in certain areas near your doors can invalidate them. You could try removing everything around that area. Then if they start breeding, add things back until you find the problem.
  10. I thought of that too, but that's not the issue. Basically the reason the extra blocks invalidates the villages is because a village door scans 5 blocks to either side of it. If it does not have direct sunlight on the roof of those 5 blocks it invalidates the village. Also, the 5 blocks on one side can not be the same number as the 5 blocks on the other side.

    For instance if "X" equals the door, and - is the roof

    -- --X----- this would be a valid village door because 1 block is open to the left while none are to the right.

    -- --X- --- this is not a valid village door because both sides are missing one block.

    Hope that makes sense to what he was saying.
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  11. I don't think it would be that it needs to be on ground level as I mine on Utopia raised by multiple blocks. I would honestly suggest trying on another residence of yours and see if it has anything to do with the residences, it could be as simple as something messed up with the game or the server lag and you might need to replace some blocks, or could be the biome? But I suggest building it on another res just to see if it's something to do with your res.
  12. Ya know... I never thought of that, ty I will do that.
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  13. I recently set up a village breeder on my res and had no issues getting them to breed. With only 6 doors & 5 villagersto start with, I had a stack of villager eggs (after eggifying them) in no time.
  14. I recomend you to build another type of villager breeder, perhaps your design has some problems with the minecraft version of the server, or it just dosen't work at all.

    This is a villager breeder I really like, I use it in my res and my wild base.
  15. Used the same version, just make sure you keep the breeder far from your traders or they will end up breeding as well :)
  16. You didn't say how many doors, or villagers you started with. You may have started with too many villagers or too few doors. Check the Wiki to be sure but I believe it's something like 1 villager for every 3 doors. So with 2 Villagers you would need 9 doors for them to breed. I have a simplistic yet large villager farm and starting with 2 I get 22-24 villagers in a very short time.
  17. Did you ever solve this Dektirok? I have an issue with a res refusing to breed villagers, even in the most simplest configuration.
  18. you need to be 8 blocks next to the villagers for them to breed, that is one of the mechanics EMC changed(i dont know why). This made me due a villager farm and on top of it a snow farm , so i can remain afk, but active and making villagers breed

    Edit: also, in 1.8 you need to make the villagers willing, if that is a 1.7 farm, then it wouldnt work

    edit 2(just read year of post :eek:)
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