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  1. I have officially decided to make a forum for when I post my Drop Parties which I host every first Sunday of the month.

    Past Parties:
    1. May 3,2015
    2. June 7th,2015

    3. July 12,2015
    Next party:
    August 2nd,2015 @ 4pm EMC time

    If you would ever like to donate to my drop party you may visit the address:
    17249 on SMP8

    I accept anything from dirt to diamonds to promos to soulbound items to starter sets,everything is allowed ( please do not donate multiple dc's of the same thing just to clean out your personal chests. Example: 5 chests of dirt,or 10 chests of bonemeal.)

  2. My reaction when I read this thread.
  3. I found this kind of funny... =P
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  4. :p I guess i didnt state it very well,what i meant was dont donate DC's of dirt at a time, i had someone give me 7 dc's of dirt and i could only use half of it.
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  5. Oh my mr. Pratt
  6. *checks calendar* aww man! I won't be able to come :( I'm really bummed about that but heres's an early thanks for hosting this! :D
  7. :p Incase you want to ever save the next one,its gonna be August 2, the first sunday of every month.
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  8. Hey, will they always be hosted starting at 4 pm?
  9. indeed because its normally 1pm for me during then,so its just easier.
  10. I promise to try to remember not to drown anyone this time.
  11. please dont flush anyone into the waters below XD
  12. Oh, good news. My sis is coming by on Saturday, so I'll be able to attend Sunday with no complications.

    Unless something comes up.

    Literally anything.

    Like, my dog needs attention.

    Or I find an oddly shaped leaf in the backyard and need to think about it for a while.

    But I'll most likely probably maybe be able to make it.
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  13. Thank you to everyone that came !! I hope you enjoyed the items you got and will be coming to our next dp which will be held August 2nd! Donation chests are now up and running again so please look in my op post for where you can donate !
  14. Thanks for the awesome event :)
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  15. I would say it was a success!
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  16. Just a small bump to say that you can donate !!
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