Qkazoo & Cd's Birthday Party !!

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  1. CDJS & QKazoochan’s Birthday Bash!!

    Now to celebrate the happy moment in our life; my friend Candice & I have decided to host a birthday party because I recently learned her birthday & my birthday are close together(also my 1 year teehee)!!
    This birthday party will be held on January 3,2016 @ 6:30pm EMC time, Utopia Res# 5414

    We will be on the emc mumble before then if you want to hang out and I myself might attend the UHC that day.
    We will have a big cake for you to "eat" your way into for a chance to win some awesome goodies.
    There will also be a parkour race, with the first three players to complete it receiving prizes.
    Finally, join us in viewing the presents made for us by our friends & enjoy them for yourself too


    We have heard about this birthday party and have decided to drop in on our space ship,do not be alarmed if you see a UFO hovering above your party as we are here just for cake. Make sure to come to this entertaining party and maybe you too will discover that the truth is out there.....What general ...Fox Mulder has found us? Retreat ! We shall be back for the party,please be prepared!!

    O my, as I was saying we hope to see you at the event & any questions can be answered in this thread .

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  2. Happy B-day to both of you guys, and I hope to make it ;)
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  3. Lol, love the last image

    Edit: Happy B-Day
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  4. When are your birthdays? Happy Birthday!
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  5. my birthday is December 28,ill be turning 21
    Cd's birthday is Jan 5.
  6. Just a bump to state that the birthday forum has been updated & info is now seen in the op's comment !

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  7. lol, adulthood, gl :p

    Happy Birthday! :D
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  8. " im turning old as dirt" - CDJS 2k15
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  9. just going to leave this here for now

  10. Working hard on the Birthday res :)
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  11. Happy Birthday! :)
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  12. I hope I remember to come! Happy Birthday to you both!!
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  13. Your b-day's Dec 28, cool! Thats close to my b-day and my friend's b-day is also Jan 5
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  14. Happy birthday! :)
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  15. Happy B-day and Q is growing up so fast . xD
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  16. Sadly I can't make the party, but, happy birthday! :)
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  17. Happy birthday!
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  18. It's happening in 30 minutes ^.^