[Q] Second time logging in a year, what are my old items worth? (VERY Rare)

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  1. 1x ICC eggnog
    1x Big Daddy Helm
    1x Bullet Proof Vest
    1x Cactus Pants
    1x Feather Falllling boots
    10x Holiday Picks (2013)
    2x Flaming Mob Laucher
    1x Turfinator
    4x Ore Buster
    1x Orebuster 1/2 used
    5x 2013 fireworks
    2x 2013 4th of july fireworks
    1x new years 2012 firework
    11x Turkey Slicers
    4x netherhound
    3x ICC valentines heads
    2x 2014 4th of july fireworks
    1x Promo instructions
    1x ICC birthday Voucher
    3x holiday candle 2014
    1x incitatus egg
    1x saltar egg
    1x valens egg
    5x rudolph 2013
    5x eggcelent wand
    4x headless horseman masks
    2x haunted heads
    10x cupid bow
    5x maxarian heads
    4x remembrance poppy 2014
    1x R0bbiejoe head
    3x freedom blade chests - contains blade + firework
    2x independence day helmate chests - Contains Helmate + firework
    2x independence day chest chests - Contains chesplate + firework
    1x independence day leggings chest -contains leggings + firework
    1x independence day boots chest - contains boots + firework
    1x independence day pants
    1x independence day boots2x freedom blade
    1x freedom blade do not claim addition
    6x 2014 birthday cakes
    6x 2013 laborday benches
    1x 2014 Iron metal parkour games
    1x book of colors
    7x 2014 labor benches
    9x lucky bow
    30x 2015 new years firework
    3x ham hammer
    3x emergency snow clearing device
    1x dragon stone fragement
    10x map 709
    10x map 710
    10x map 770
    10x map 726
    10x map 769
    10x map 727

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  2. Sorry, clicked post by accident, ill edit the rest in.
  3. Alright, updated with all items
  4. haha i'd hope
  5. 3x ham hacker
  6. just a little fyi on the maps. They're not transferable across servers.. they break. :(
  7. These went for around 1.5 million in an auction not too long ago...
  8. What do you mean?
  9. Let's say a map is made on smp1 you can not then bring it to smp3 and have it work because maps are connected to the world they were made in. Look at it as if you have a virtual map that knows where you are in England because it's made for England then you take it on a trip to Australia. I would would be broken and of no use. Try buying a flag at the flag shop for a rupee and taking it to another smp. See what happens.

    Someone please correct me if I am wrong. :)
  10. a small loan of a billion dollars
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  11. CD is right... you will NOT be able to bring to another SMP - vault is locked when maps are around. Assume, safety feature.
  12. Ah, I just didn't know what item you were referring too. Ty