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  1. Hello Citizens of the Empire!
    I felt it was about time that I did a Q&A where you get to ask me questions and I get to answer them.
    Basically anything goes, I just ask that you don't ask random questions and nothing that would require me to reveal very personal or privileged information.
    Ask away! :D
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  2. What do you love to do when not on Minecraft?
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  3. Whenever I'm not playing Minecraft, I tend to develop code in Java as well as occasionally creating a web page.

    • Help my friends learn better coding practices.
    • Contribute to Paper (code) (docs)
    • Make a Small Plugins.
    • Make An IRC Bot (code)
    • A few new pages for my domain
    • A small control panel for a secret project.
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  4. What is the meaning of life?
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  5. 42
  6. I feel complete now.
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  7. #HHGTTG
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  8. What is the funniest moment you've had on EMC?
  9. I would have to say when I was here:

    Then this happened:

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  10. Do you even lift?
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  11. Unfortunately no, I don't have a way to pay for the trip ;(
  12. Will you be my friend? :l
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  13. Friend Request Sent :D
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  14. I will accept as soon as I get on tomorrow! :)
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  15. What are your emc/minecraft goals? ^_^
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  16. Three questions...

    1. Why are you a scrub?
    2. I am fairly certain that we had moments together where are those? (Screenshots pls)
    3. Why didn't you take up my offer on the skin and name?
    4. Does it bother you when someone says "Three questions" when there are four?
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  17. EMC:
    1. Become a Well-Known Player across EMC.
    2. Finish my Mall.
    3. Break the 1,000,000 (1 Million) Rupee mark.
    4. This one's a secret :p (Only a few people know)
    1. Become a Well-Known person in the Minecraft Development community.
    2. Go to Minecon.
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