Pyramid of fun SMP6

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  1. Hey guys

    So,After alot of time and building,My Pyramid at 12007 in SMP6 is finally ready.
    My plan is to add free games and code cracking stuff and heres my first one with the official opening of Obsidian Pyramid of Fun.

    The game is Called "Minefield".
    Why? Because you have to walk thru pressure plates and if you step on the wrong one,You will be teleported away...(Thanks Justin for that :D )

    some pics :

    Player Standing on top of the pyramid

    Player on his way into the "Minefield area"

    Player Playing the game

    Player made if thru the track :)

    Player opening the doors to "Richdom"

    Player Teleported to the place where he can collect his prize

    Player Taking the treasure

    Also,Ive made a small video of some players trying to beat the game,Sorry for low quality but fraps was wierd :)

    So,3 quick questions:

    1. Can I use X-ray pack to cheat even though it is against EMC rules?

    No,Most X-ray packs will not see thru Obsidian and Iron blocks

    2.What do I win?
    Depends,If a player was there right before you,Nothing,But mostly Iron and Diamonds and maybe an enchated pick :)

    3. The game is boring
    Come with a better suggestion and Ill try to build it :)

  2. entrence to game is blocked
  3. Fixed
  4. This is a pretty interesting idea...will have to try it out.
  5. ive been at this for an hour! im pulling my hair out cause i cant figure out the second spot to go :p
  6. lol,Its not impossible :)
  7. ok I have been trying this out and every block that is near the one that I found on the first row teleports me....this is way to freakin sensitive. I am thinking you need to make the areas more than 1 wide which is what they seem to be. This thing is pretty much not playable with the way you currently have it set up. and if it is playable I would love to see that proven.
  8. I wound't call it fun, I would call it the Pyramid of people wanting to rip other people's heads off.....
  9. i wanna try and do this on friday so ill let u know was up
  10. Ya I managed to find 2 blocks that are safe, but you can't move anywhere else from there due to how the pressure plates work in regards to the teleporting...the second your toe touches the plate you are gone...and that chest for buying dirt was a misleader also...thought that you would be able to place dirt to help you move, don't use the chest if you go here.
  11. The chest was just for donations dude...
  12. Okay,The reason that its hard is that you guys dont think logically,There is a easy solution,You just have to think like a programmer,Outside of the box!

    I an SURE that if Justin(As a Java developer) thought the thing over and played for 15-20 min,He would break the code!
  13. Finally got through it, but the chest was empty....:eek:
  14. i liked playing it but hated have to rundown every time i get sent back so got bord
  15. PM me the answer! (im so frustrated :p)
  16. Awesome! Can't wait to check this out!
  17. yeah i might get on tomm
  18. I would, but that would be cheating man. It took me a bit to figure it out. After a nights sleep I had some ideas and tried them out. Finally made it through by thinking outside the box like was suggested. Oh ya can you post on here when the chest is loaded so I can see if I can make it through again?
  19. Wow, nice work!
  20. More is coming!!

    I just talked to my sister and she gave me a good idea :)