PvP Screenshots!

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  1. I think these screenshots look pretty awesome. Hope you guys feel the same!

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  2. nice screenshots. not much pvp in the black arena though
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  3. have to agree
  4. That's actually my favorite screenshot, because as I took it I had a story in my mind starting to form.. About these two knights feeling reluctant about attacking the other, so instead they wearily keep their distance, ready to strike at any moment.
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  5. Cool pic's and sounds like a good story :p
  6. Resource Pack?

  7. awe, look at cute little bite all trapped and stuff =3

    epic photo of vitiri :D
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  8. I see Black and Blue, Red and Green...
    Awaiting on Purple! :D
    Great job!
  9. So many arrows :3
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  10. "I used to be an adventurer, but I took an arrow to my knee, elbow, hip, leg, chest, hand, back of head, forehead twice, top of head trice and one in an embarissing place." - FatAndyTheGreat
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  11. 2014-02-21_01.53.26.png 2014-02-21_01.53.26.png 2014-02-20_06.49.29.png 2014-02-20_20.09.07.png 2014-02-20_20.09.58.png 2014-02-20_20.11.36.png

    It is a great idea to put it here Xp I was the one with flesh lol
  12. Nothing like a good ol' Greased up Ban Hammer, eh Jim? ocarina ban hammer.png Hacks are good sometimes, I promise.
    Because why not?
    Aikar said lol 2 me.png
  13. I don't even understand what is with the red pvp... It almost seems like something better could take its spot? Anyone back me up on this?
  14. I like it, especially those trapped watering hole things.
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  15. Interesting :)
  16. bitemenow is still working on the arena, i dont think its done
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  17. i love that arena, lol its one of my favorites. no touchy! lol
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