PVP in the town?

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  1. hi i just thought that although pvp is against the rules maybe it could be made so that if you die in town you keep your items and it could be turned off and on for residences.
  2. No. Usually i'd be more helpful, but no.

    No PvP anywhere but on the dystopia server Eye-Car is making.
  3. Are you serious....?
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  4. What is the point then if you will just keep everything. It will be abused and people will die while working on stuff. Here is an example Person 1 is building a castle. Person 2 is a real jerk and like to annoy people. Person 2 kills person 1 so he has to get all the way back up his castle.
  5. There will never ever be PVP in Empire Minecraft. The project Aikar is working on is a turn on pvp, but most likely not be actual pvp.
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  6. PvP is off for a reason... Yes Aikar is working on releasing a PvP server but it'll most likely be just arenas for fighting your friends in. Some people do like PvP but when you die and lose ALL your stuff to a jerk in full diamond armour it makes you mad. And the Empire isn't about making people mad it's about having fun :D
  7. Just some info on the Dystopia PvP project:
    It is team-based PvP, like 'The Walls PvP' but without the walls. It has matches, teams, and a randomly generated map for each round, no doubt we'll have some sort of currency (probably the rupee) to spend on weapons and such.
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  8. Can a mod close this?
  9. you cant die in town. problem solved.
  10. I honestly don't think that is necessary...
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  11. I thought that Dystopia and PvP were separate... I was led to believe that Dystopia was just like Utopia except in the wilderness it's always night or something. This meant that there would be another server for supporters to claim a 120x120 residence on. I also thought that there was gonna be like a pvp.empireminecraft.com server....
  12. Last time I heard eyecar talking about Dystopia, he said it was PvP and there would be multiple dystopias.
    There would be one for PvP.
    One like Utopia, but it has enraged difficulty to it.
    Possibly a tekkit server (although very unlikely due to technical restraints).

    He has big plans, so sit tight.
  13. Aikar and quite a lot of the staff have recently said that there will never be a Tekkit server...
  14. There PROBABLY never will be, Aikar has said he does test it every so often but it does take its toll.
    Also, gentlemen, I feel we have just off-topic'd a thread...
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  15. no offence but the worst idea yet...
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  16. Yer lol :p
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  17. I disagree, Especially considering one or more of EMC's senior staff and admins are actually making this idea a reality. It's not a bad idea at all although it has been brought up WAY too much in my opinion.
  18. you could turn it off for your res if you like
  19. but you can still pvp
  20. This will never be implemented. There will be a seperate server for PvP soon.