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  1. Okay I realize, PvP is against the rules, well what if there was one server like how SMP1 has the /graveyard. Well I understand some people don't like PvP, so creating a server JUST for PvP wouldn't be effective. What if SMP4 got it's own perk, the /pvparena where player can put their Protection IV armor to use and their Sharpness IV Fire II swords to use. It gives players a reason to enchant armor. Yeah regular diamond is well enough against a silly skeleton. The PvP arena would make players loose their stuff yet make a reason for all this enchanted armor! I am sure more players would join the empty SMP4 just to PvP. I know a lot of players who would prefer to PvP over always trading. Trading is fun and challenging yet, what's the point to have 1M rupees? To buy more stuff and flood yourself with stuff that's not needed? In PvP armor runs out and so do weapons, making a reason to trade to work towards getting enchanted stuff! Enchantment shops are worthless until this happens. And I guarantee that a lot of players have suggested this and I understand it's hard. I want to continue to go through with changing the Empire and I would create the whole PvP arena by my self if that's what it takes. I mean what's so hard about that? Making a specific area for just PvP? Everyone would enjoy it. I understand the players complaining about losing stuff but post a sign saying, "We are NOT responsible for lost items in battle,".
    In my honest opinion a duelling/pvp arena would better the server by 100%.
    Thanks for considering my Thread in advance, I hope to hear a lot of responses.
  2. PvP isn't allowed on the servers.
    There are plans for a PvP server.
  3. Aikar is working on a custom PVP plugin as we speak type.
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  4. it should be speak and type xD
  5. And also;
  6. Well IMO why does everything have to be a plugin? It's understandable if they think it would conflict with other plugins but I don't think a PvP plugin will conflict any of their plugins.
  7. Erm I think you are confused with how Minecraft/bukkit servers are developed...

    Everything is a plugin, what else would it be?
  8. What I mean is why does a plugin have to be developed? Why can't EMC use existing ones? Unless of course they conflict with the other plugins, then I understand.
  9. that's not our style :)

    EMC Is the best because we program our own stuff in unique and integrated fashions.
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  10. EMC makes custom made plug-ins to ensure that the servers are stable, fun, and not super complex. They work very hard with these special custom made plug-ins. Isn't that right Aikar?

    EDIT: Consecutive post with Aikar. :D
  11. Well EMC in it self is amazing. I was just stating my thoughts.
  12. By the way, we are not doing an "arena" because we do not want any form of PVP on the SMP servers.

    PVP will be on a completely seperate server that does not share items with the main. It will be ALOT more fun than traditional PVP :)
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  13. Hmm, interesting, this as come up a lot,Aikar, with the arena, please make it so people start with nothing. Or everything, the arena or server has to be fair, because otherwise people will just be running around with diamond stuff and armour. Thanks , hope this helps.
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