Public Mob Grinders?

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Should every smp/utopia have a public mob grinder?

Yes! 18 vote(s) 62.1%
No! 11 vote(s) 37.9%
  1. Ok, i have seen that big old dirt field tower mob thing on smp2 and it got me thinking: We should put a public mob grinder on every server! Sure, it might take some time and resources but having it would be a good way for people that dont have a grinder to get XP. It would also be profitable due to the fact that all mobs spawn in the dark so it makes for easier discs. There would be 4 levels on the tower, each pouring water towards a 2x2 hole and then the mobs fall causing enough damage to kill with a punch. Another idea that sparked this was before the wild reset in utopia. There was a grinder there that all Utopians used and cared for. Should it be like that everywhere?
  2. Sounds like an amazing idea! The problem is that on the SMP's chances are it will be griefed within mins. The only real way I could think of preventing it from being griefed is by making it a res like the spawn areas.
  3. however, it would be hard to do any massive damage to the tower since people would be there often and patching it up
  4. Hmm.. that's a good point. However, I'm pretty sure griefers would still invade it if it was ever empty.
  5. Can't you ask if justinguy would protect it from buiding rights?
  6. Love the idea. My friend has an enchantment table that he lets me use, and we go into the wild for a LONG (Srry for caps) time and get exp. This is an awesome idea. I'm just wondering though, would the monster's spawn inside the town becuase of no hostile monsters aloud?
  7. this is a HORRIBLE idea think about it, if we did this the economy of EMC would be soooo messed up and no matter what it would get griefed
  8. Exactly, short oof being zombies, the entire economy would be thrown into hte air because all of the mob drops would hit bedrock-bottom within days, possibly hours. However, zombie's rotten flesh is of.... 0% Value and probably could be a good use for such an event.
  9. um rotten flesh is already 0 on smp1 its as worthless as dirt.. we had one on smp1 that was never griefed because the people who did it were always banned and its easily fixable.. Im going to gather a bunch of people to do this on smp1 soon.. it didnt effect the econ much actually we didnt advertize we just left signs saying instructions and public stuff it was awesome and people were always there.. I want to do it again for sure.. If anyone is willing to help pm me i need to find a location that is good most likely an outpost that has a good sized island :D
  10. this was actually griefed yesterday. (if your talking about the one by dirkjan2)
  11. I assume you're talking about the OoO from before the reset. We built another one already and it has been grieved a few times, but not to a huge extent. I believe there is a thread announcing that it is open to the public, but I'll just let y'all find it(since grievers are lazy and won't take time to look up the thread:p)
  12. wait nab where is it? i havent seen it lol nvm to all who were thinkin of pming me..
  13. is this the square one?
  14. Yes this is the one dirkjan23, myself, and sensign built
  15. yup
  16. Im opening up the smp6 public spawner to the soon. Dual zombie spawner
  17. What you need to remember about making a spawner public, is that it then becomes far less effective than a private one. How do you share a spawner between five people when it still only drops the same about of mobs?

    It's pretty ineffective unless the people using it are decent enough to get a timeshare system set up. Otherwise you're going to have lots of arguments over whos turn it is.
  18. Thank you. The reason some players are as rich as they are is enchantment sales. If everyone had access to an ungriefable grinder, enchanted item prices would plummet, and the people who worked hard to get and build a grinder for themselves will be dwarfed by the droves of people with access to easy xp.
  19. I love this idea i was thinking the same myself after the one on SMP1 went after teh reset adn it got me soo many resorces, if you need help i ahev lots of dirt to help build with and i am sure i can get some alpha squad members in on it to.
  20. We had one of these on Utopia just outside the spawn before the reset, it was griefed once or twice and the people were banned but; have one of these on each SMP and you're asking for a grieving.