Public horse breeding program (II)

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  1. *based off of mrcdubs /v +dasher on smp8

    Ive decided to do the same but with dancers. /v +dancer on smp5. There are 20 dancers and 6 dashers and hopfully soon some rudolphs.

    Thats it lol pls check it out it costed over a mil to make so i wanna put it in use xD
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  2. Bump lol pls reply
  3. Will you have any other types to breed. Say a fast speed? I think there's a command that'll allow someone to breed their horses with yours. Not sure on that though, might have to look it up.
  4. I have been asked by a player if they can breed their horse with mine, i allow this, egg the horse and i can spawn it on the res for you and give ya tame flag. Then when your done you can egg it up and go on with your day. I may actually have buold and tame flag auto on the res, just a bit scared about the build part and uhm... greifs...