Public Free Stonegen at 1728

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  1. The Stonegen is right next to /v 1728 on SMP1


    - Free destroy permissions for everyone
    - Please don't grief (even if its hard it aint impossible)
    - You dont got move rights on that neighbor res.
    - Autounstuck mechanism (chicken+pressureplate)

    Have Fun
  2. I've been here a number of times to gather cobble for my new project, thank you so much for making it public AND free. You should probably mention it is on SMP1 though. The gen is on SMP1 readers. Oh, and I have also been to your shop a number of times as well.
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  3. I'm going to go use it.
  4. Amazing idea :D props to you Random
  5. (Not tested yet but would like someone to try it out! :D)
    How to make a non-grief-able generator factory for public use:
    Go above Y: 128 (former Minecraft height limit)
    Have a neighboring residence that is not use that you can have everyone have build/destroy perms
    Make the stone/cobblestone generator push from your side of the residence to the neighboring side of the residence

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  6. Hang on so in order to protect it you didn't give move perms so that people can destroy from the path and not destroy the mechanism? That's a great idea!
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  7. Did you TRY to push blocks over residence border at Y > 128? I tried, it ain't working.
  8. Above 128, because at 128 that's the last block before the anvil update.
  9. Why does it spawn stone not cobble?
  10. When lava is on top of water it generates stone.
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  11. Wow great idea I gotta check it out