Public farms?

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  1. Hi guys, all im asking here is for cords on all PUBLIC Gold gens/farms. Thanks!
  2. I have one on utopia.
  3. You're unlikely to get them somewhere as public as the forums, that makes them susceptible to grief. :)
  4. No one ever will give you coords for a gold farm, sorry to burst your bubble.
  5. :p
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  6. I said 'unlikely', I didn't say it was impossible. :cool:
  7. :p
  8. Im willing to trade for an iron farm!:p
  9. untitled.png
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  10. Trade what exactly?
  11. Trade a pre-existing public iron farm for a pre-existing public gold farm
  12. erm, okay...
  13. How didn't you get that xD :p
  14. One day I hope to make a public SMP4 gold farm... You can have access to that ;)
  15. But I don't see how you can trade and entire farm, you can't exactly take it with you.
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  16. lol, I didn't even think of that aspect :p If they trade then they'll both still have access to their original farms...
  17. Basically trading cords