Public Chicken farm

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  1. Shaun White has a res on SMP4 that has been repeatedly chicken bombed. THe poor guy finally layed lava down to prevent it, but the fact was, it was giving people free eggs amd I thoroughly enjoyed it. So, I have recreated it, on a small scale, on Utopia. Residence 5151. I will have signs to the teleport pad. Thank you.


    As You can see, the farm is now 45x45 (up from 30x30) with glass walls. There have been no successful escape attempts by sny chicken thus far, and eggs are beginning to be laid! I only ask that you keep the eggs in the pen if you decide to throw some, and enjoy!
  2. So i went, and they are still babies :/ but i will return, i like this idea :) good for cakes. On a side note, how did you get different types of villagers? is it part of the recent updates?
  3. I was never really bothered about getting chicken bombed, I was happy to have players use my lot as a farm, but it was unfortunate to the surrounding lots as it caused massive lag. I still have my 'chicken run' which runs around the perimeter of my lot, and I may fill it up again eventually. :)
    To put it into perspective, I went through one and a half diamond swords killing the last lot of chickens, took me from level 84 to 89.

    The reason for the lava wasn't actually due to the chickens, it is part of some plans I have had for the lot for a while, but haven't had the time to work on it.

    I think it is great that players are happy to provide services such as this, and the free wool shearing, as long as the amount of Mobs doesn't cause lag. :)
  4. Yes it is part of the update.
  5. I saw you slaughtering them a few time. I just assumed haha. And yes, the farm is still small and I lterally jsut started it, but I plan to expand it/ add more as I get the chance to. Glass donations to pen them in would be nice ;)
  6. Are you sure that chickens won't be able to escape the pen? It looks like they'll be able to glitch out of it.
  7. just toss a few eggs in before you leave then :D
  8. Nerone, I have a chest for you on my res at 5377 with some chicken spawn eggs in it.
  9. They probably will be able to glitch out. But I will egg what ever ones do, and put em back in, and I plan to expand it when I get the time/resources. It's just a beta version =3