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  1. Hello ladies in gentlemen, in partnership with the gentle people of SMP2 our fire-loving friend Maxarias has created enraged squid.
    These squid are very cuddly and do not like to be petted, so please refrain from petting them :D
  2. Located at an smp2 town spawn near you! :D
  3. I forgot to mention the clever addition of Enraged silverfish to the game also :D
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  4. I knew something was up when I saw these in Mobarena today... Careful, they bite.
  5. Okay, definitely gotta go check this out now!
  6. Someone just killed all of the Enraged Squid.
  7. Thanks to an unnamed player all the enraged squid are now dead.
  8. They've been around for awhile…smp5 used to have some. :p
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  9. This is true! But.. They're still new to smp2 so it's relevant. :p
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  10. Someone killed them all D:
  11. They look pretty alive to me. ;)
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  12. Okay maybe my computer is being funny, but when I went to look at them they have the names reverse. So the squid says enraged silverfish and the silverfish say enraged squid. XD
  13. Squid work in mysterious ways...
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  14. True bemvino87, but are we able to fight these squids/fishes in the wild/waste? I could enjoy some underwater battle.
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