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  1. When it's completing a creation in Minecraft, getting positive results on a school report card, or achieving any milestone, I haven't been able to be proud for my accomplishments. This is primarily because of my parents fighting, especially swearing, when making decisions almost every week. But, I believe it's also from other kinds of intense violence.

    When I do engage it, I try to get away from the violence to avoid frustration, and sometimes is can happen in gaming. For example, a 'f-bomb', at least how I describe them, is when a person repetitively swears. Like, in Minecraft, a bomb could happen when a creeper destroys someone's redstone mechanisms, losing high-value items from lava or the void.

    When cases like these happen nearby, It's difficult for me to forget about the issue once it I hear it. But with EMC's perks and rules, like 'No PvP', 'No swearing', and grief-protected residences(By default), EMC is the right place for me in the Minecraft Community where I can relieve my stress.

    In conclusion, when someone isn't felling right emotionally in their location, I say that it's best for them to be taken to somewhere else where they can calm down. For me, I prefer somewhere quiet. Minecraft, unlike most games, can be sometimes by a solution.

    What you red(If you did), was a psychological story that I typed to inform to those that see my builds on SMP5 that when I do reach accomplishments, I don't really feel pleased with them. Although, if I get positive responses from other people, the way they comment for my effort can effect how I feel. One of the variables is their punctuation. Most of the time when people text, they want to have their messages done typed as fast as possible; this behavior makes it more difficult for me to understand their emotions and what they are actually saying when using acronyms.

    *With the above information, I would like anyone to apply it into their comments.

    *If you have a story to tell, then this is the thread that you are free to do. Remember, nobody has the perfect life.

    Docm77's World Tour Episode About Violence in Gaming:
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  2. Once when I played Minecraft I had 3 stacks of Diamond ore. I Went to the bathroom. I came back. Bam Creeper blew me up. I Raged quit Single Player for a long time. (Happened when I was a Noob)
  3. I got upset a lot over getting griefed. Before I joined EMC in February 2012, I was playing on a server with PvP. There was this one player that constantly killed me when I leave a building; instead of using what he got, he would burned it in lava. Because of how evil he was to me, I swore in chat every time that I saw him online. That was the only time that I had ever swore in my life!
    But I'm glad to be where I am, with in-depth knowledge about the game.

    #These are the Youtube Channels that I had earned it from:
    *Team Gazmo:
  4. Do you have any pets? I don't know how you feel about them, but they can offer great friendship and love during hard times, and many people find that animals are a great help to their lives. Just saying, if you or anyone else are having trouble with stress or anger, perhaps you should seek help from an animal. You never know, perhaps it could help.
  5. I get upset when I see things like this. One, because children shouldn't have to indure such things, and two, because I don't like people to be sad. :( If you ever want to just chat, send me a pm. :) I can talk your head off!
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  6. Legos.
    When I used to get the cool sets for my birthday, I would be so excited. I loved pulling out bags full of all these little pieces, and then using my hands to shape them into their final forms. After days of sitting on my floor, I would finally finish the set, placing the piece and closing the instruction book. I always thought how odd it was, how all my excitement suddenly vanished. That after enjoying the work, the fruits of my labour seemed to be rather flavorless. Reflecting back, I realized that it kind of reflected some bits of life, that sometimes its the journey, not the destination, that was the real prize.
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  7. I used to have a black-and-white cat years ago. But after an allergy test, I found out that I am allergic to cats.:/