[PSA] Minechest!

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Are you going to order one?

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No. 12 vote(s) 92.3%

    What is
    Mine Chest?

    Minecraft collectibles delivered to your door every month!

    Mine Chest is the Official Monthly Chest for Minecraft lovers. Every month is a new surprise!
    Exclusive Items in Every Box!

    Part of the fun with every Mine Chest is taking inventory of the themed chest contents. Hidden just below each month’s Exclusive Minecraft T-shirt, you’ll uncover Minecraft Toys and Collectibles as well as Minecraft DIY Crafting Recipes PLUS Exclusive Minecraft items available to Mine Chest subscribers first!
    Adventures Beyond the Chest!

    Mine Chest adventures are designed to last well beyond the un-boxing and never repeat. Month after month, your Mine Chest will be filled with items that players of all ages will enjoy wearing, collecting, and creating. A Mine Chest subscription adds to the depth of players’ game knowledge as well as their Minecraft apparel and real life crafting experience. Bridging the space between game play and real world creativity, even the in-game chest replica that arrives at your front door can be transformed into something new and fun.

    How it works

    Each month a care package of Minecraft collectibles is sourced from an in-game location and shipped straight to your front door through a special portal. Who doesn’t love to get packages? Especially from places as far away as the Jungles, Frozen Plains, and even the Nether.
    Placing your order today guarantees you an extremely limited Mine Chest Beta. You may not have been playing when Minecraft began but you can still be among the first to receive a Mine Chest and explore the beginnings of Minecraft. Mine Chest Beta is limited and selling out fast, so order right away so you don’t miss the beginning.
    Ordering a Mine Chest subscription is easy! Just click Join Today!
  2. Is it IRL or in-game? Meaning do you get items for your minecraft character or stuff for your IRL room in your house?
  3. How about Virtual Reality? :p

    https://minechest.com/I really do want this minechest, but it is expensive ;-;
  4. In real life if all my info is correct
  5. lol, 37$ a month, only US (as of now), ships in May... gg Mojang
  6. new ways of getting money...
  7. Tbh I like Lootcrate better. Don't get me wrong, it's a pretty solid idea, but I would get a little tired of getting Minecraft stuff every single month. I like the mix that Lootcrate gives, and I'm really liking it this month because of the exclusive Deadpool things I got :p
  8. While I'd love to try this out, they aren't shipping to my country :/