[PSA] I-Day Maps will NOT break if stored in vault!

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by zervados, Jul 6, 2014.

  1. The map WILL break if it is vaulted to another server, you can fix it by going to the server you bought the map from.

    Maps are based on grids. If you bring it to another server, it will show the grid it was meant to show. If you bring it back to the original server, it will show the grid of the American Flag.

    So you can STORE the map in the vault without breaking it, you simply cannot bring it to another server. If you do bring it to another server, just bring it back to it's original server.
  2. Is it purely with coordinates, or is it with reloading the maps on the new server? If it was purely with coordinates, wouldn't it have made sense for all the servers to have the map in the same exact area? I know you didn't make the maps, but I am just thinking out loud.
  3. They work with Grids. OP is fixed.
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  4. They are stored by number per server.
    Each number refers to a corresponding .dat file in the server files which is basically the picture will map will show.
    So even if krysyy made the maps in the same coords (which she probably did) when vaulted over, the maps would be referring to a .dat file which might not exist.
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