PSA - 000webhost Data Breach

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  1. If you have used as a free hosting provider, change all your passwords you used there immediately. They were dumb enough to store them all in plaintext and 13 million users have been leaked.

    I also wouldn't use them for as long as you can, and try to find another free provider. The only reason I'd use them anytime in the near future is to get the data on your domain off of it.
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  2. Screw free providers :p

    Hosting my own webserver on my Raspberry PI.

    But, if I had to recommend one free hosting provider (if this isn't classified as 'advertising')
    It'd be
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  3. I'll look into Helio Host, as you can probably assume I'm not going to use 000webhost anymore. What IT company stores data in plaintext?!

    Anyways, I'd host mine at home as well but I've got a horrible upload speed and I want my APIs to be snappy so that's not an option. I will look into Helio Host though, thanks :)
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  4. We don't really need to keep bumping this. While its appreciated to PSA, our audience is not likely to be filled with users of that service.
  5. No problem!

    Believe me, I've seen every free hosting provider on the world wide web by now and Helio Host is by far the best :)

    Edit: Sorry Aikar, posted this before seeing your post. I blame train's WiFi :p
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