PS4 vs Xbox Rant

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Which Console will you get?

Poll closed Dec 23, 2013.
Xbox One 17 vote(s) 43.6%
Playstation 4 14 vote(s) 35.9%
I have not decided yet. 8 vote(s) 20.5%
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    Hahaha. You clicked on this page just to see me RANTING?? Wrong. You guys are going to be the ones ranting :p

    The thing is the big commotion on PS4 and Xbox One. I for one has had the ps3 and liked it. The Xbox One looks like a Xbox Tv, and they should be aiming for the " gaming " look. However, some of xbox's graphics and ram look good. Tell me what you think in the comments. PS4, or Xbox One? If you are gonna buy them, which one will you buy. Also remember to pick the poll if you are gonna buy one of the consoles this christmas! Also, please people, do not be rude if you are gonna reply to someones opinion. Let them say what they want to say and there mind. Thats what this forum page is for!
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  2. I hate flame wars IRL because of this.

    "I got PS3!!!"
    "You idiot XBOX is better!"

    And it goes on and on for minutes. It drives me insane.

    But to be on topic, probably neither. COD Ghosts looks good, though.

    Speaking of COD Ghosts...

    "IW is better!"
    "You fool! Look for x video on YT!"
    "Yeah, go 3ARC!"

    I got carried away :p

    EDIT: I'll probably get ps4 if I choose to get a counsel. But I chose undecided.
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  3. Yeah that is seriously annoying... Especially when it happens on youtube..
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  4. I have never played on a Playstation before, so I am an Xbox fan. I will most likely get the Xbox One.
    Before someone replies saying "Nooo plystaon is wayyyy better", I have two major problems to point out.
    1. Xbox has Halo.
    2. Xbox has Minecraft.
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  5. Ps4 is about to get minecraft anyway. Yes, I have not tryed the xbox before. So it seems that when you have not tryed the other console you are usually the fan of the OPPOSITE console, if that makes sense :p
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  6. Yes, it does make sense. I never have tried Macs before, therefore I like PCs and Windows.
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  7. I prefer Xbox over PlayStation. I have played both but Xbox is way better.
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  8. Just a reminder everyone, please talk about ps4 and xbox one. Please do not talk about the old ps3 and xbox 360, because those are old news!!
  9. I own both consoles, and I have to say each has their ups and downs. As far as performance goes, I can never tell the difference between Xbox and Playstation. But each system has its own set of exclusive games, so it's hard to come up with one particular one that is "better". Chances are I'll be getting both Xbox One and PS4, since my family is so large. When it comes to the debate, I do lean towards Xbox, mostly because I have friends who play it.
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  10. Umm... Why is "Neither" not an option? I am a PC elitist.
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  11. My thoughts on the Xbox One:
    Just a 360 with more games and blu ray
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  12. Because the poll is for people that are going to GET the consoles this holiday!
  13. I'm a Playstation person. Both systems in this coming generation have pretty much the same stats, close enough at least to make it from me being able to tell the different. I'm not a huge fan of either system's exclusive games, so what it really comes down to for me is that PSN is free, and xbox live costs $$$. Plus, I have always preferred the look and the controllers of the Playstation more. I may not end up being either, I'd much rather save up for a gaming PC than spend money on a new Playstation that is not all that better than the perfectly good one I have sitting under my TV :p
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  14. Holidays are seven months away ;)
    On topic, why call it the Xbox one...

    This is what, the fifth? Sixth, one?
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  15. No..... this is the third Xbox Microsoft has made.
    1. Xbox
    2. Xbox 360
    3. Xbox One
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  16. It is called the Xbox One because they are trying to say that this is the one device you will need... and also so people can make puns like,"The Playstation lost, the Xbox won."
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  18. OK first off,

    Microsoft announced the Xbox one to not be compare to other gaming consoles but to be compared to AplleTV or GoogleTV. The Xbox one is solely for entertainment whereas the PS4 is a gaming console. Yes the xbox one will still have games (who is gonna spend 400$? on a huge cable box?), but the 360 will still get new games as well. Not like the other consoles whos games were discontinued until made for the other console :)
    Personally I will stick with Xbox for my life. (I have had both systems and prefer the xbox) but the Xbox one just makes me want to back hand Microsoft.
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  19. They should made a separate console called the Xbox Tv, and have the Xbox One for gaming.
  20. Well we (xbox gamers) have been waiting for the "720" for a long time now and they announce this piece of garbage system and I get super mad....

    Did you know the Xbox one wont even work unless the Kinect is hooked up?! They plan to watch us....
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