Protected Outposts

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  1. I've been thinking about this for nearly a year: Protected Outposts.

    I know what you're thinking: It sounds crazy.
    But, some people don't like mobs roaming about their outposts, and they also want to try and prevent mob spawning in their outpost area, so they can move about their outpost safely, without getting beaten up by hostile mobs.
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  2. So you mean a "peaceful" outpost. I'm sorry to say but -1 for me on this. It would most likely be a pain to code in for a certain area, if you dislike mobs so much id suggest lighting up your lands
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  3. actually this is pretty wrong from what we know "empires" will function alot like town meaning you can make shop chests, and like turn off mob spawning, maybe even things like changebiome. theres a setting in town on every one of our residences called ummm hostilemob - off or something like that. wouldnt take much to port this over to empires once they are implemented

    and also if they are then +1 i wanna be able to not have hella torches on my builds and have them look natural without worrying about getting blown up or ender's coming and stealing the blocks
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  4. You're in the frontier. You're in a survival environment. It would make no sense to give you the rewards of the frontier without the risk of a survival environment. It's already pretty easy to gather tons of stuff with minor risk from mobs if you turn off enraged and boss spawns and then switch to difficulty 1.

    If you want a lot where you don't have to worry about mobs, there's always town.

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  5. I concur. I think that the frontier is meant to be different from the peaceful, safe town where, for the most part, there are no mobs that can kill you. Having an outpost gives you the ability to build beyond your 60x60 plot, and to be able to do that you have to take the risk of there being mobs. Now, I always play on difficulty one and with all spawns off because I'm just a big chicken, and I would suggest it to you too if you're looking for a more peaceful environment. I rarely ever encounter minibosses and enraged mobs and I haven't died in months.
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  6. ok but your personal safety around my builds isnt really my main concern, empires arent the same as regular wilderness and conflating the two is disingenuous. my concern is my builds and the fact that the work that goes into making an empire is supposed to ultimately result in protecting my build. otherwise whats the point even? endermen can grab protected blocks, and wither's can explode protected blocks. so whats to prevent another player from spawning an eyender or wither near my build (even one thats fully lit) and griefing me?

    like what is the difference between an empire and any part of the wilderness to you? cause we can build big things right now in the wild, so then what is its purpose? if your answer is protecting those large builds from harm then it should immediately follow that mob spawning could be turned off in those areas.
  7. Just gotta take the LB Ind. approach, flatten the entire map and crap tons of torches
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  8. And then, if protected blocks are protected from the Wither, you could just spawn him in a box and bash him to death like any other Mob and easily have a nether star. Having someone else set a Wither loose at your base would be very unfortunate but it is extremely unlikely to happen unless you have a base closer to spawn. I've only seen Withers set free at spawn areas by people who didn't intend to stay long anyway, and the occasional accidental release again, near spawn.

    I'm still of the position that you should not gain the benefits of frontier without the risks. It's much larger, you don't have a limited amount of space, you can gather tons of materials out there you can't in town - making it Mob-free would just make it way, way too easy. You might as well build in town, or in a creative world set to peaceful.

    Endermen can only steal a handful of blocks. As long as you don't have any Redstone blocks lying around as well as TNT, you should be fine.
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  9. -1
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  10. okay but, you didnt answer my question, if block protection isnt a priority in empires (which is what this post is really about mind you because the point of "protected outposts" is to become empires when its implemented) then what is the purpose of empires?
  11. This suggestion is not about block protection, it's about turning off mob spawning. No one is trying to argue for or against protecting blocks as a part of empires other than you.
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  12. thats not really true...this person is using the term outpost for wildbase

    outposts are already protected from mobs so its just a misuse of the word, but no this thread is about protected/established wildbases, which are a precursor to empires. and thus you are wrong there chilly
  13. I've been thinking about this for nearly a year: Protected Outposts.

    I know what you're thinking: It sounds crazy.
    But, some people don't like mobs roaming about their outposts, and they also want to try and prevent mob spawning in their outpost area, so they can move about their outpost safely, without getting beaten up by hostile mobs.

    This post is about mob spawning, not about protected blocks or empires.

    The official name for "wild-bases" is outposts. From the OP all that can be implied is that this player wants a way to turn off mob spawning in their player outpost. There is no implication of block protection. If that is what the player meant then they can correct me, but from what is actually here there is nothing to do with what you are talking about.
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  14. no indication at all huh? so the two times the op brings up protected that meaaaaaaans what to you? like this posts title is PROTECTED outposts so idk bout you, but that right there is pretty indicative of something different than a normal outpost/wildbase, and to me that word isnt a giant logical leap to the fact that established outposts get block protection. maybe im just capable of seeing more in context than you

    in fact its a much greater logical leap to assume they meant like a mob off player setting when they intentionally mentioned not only outposts but protected ones.
  15. No.

    Once again, the OP states nothing about block protection, only that they want a way to turn off mob spawning. Reading the title in context of the OP indicates that this, once again, has nothing to do with block protection, and everything to do with being protected from mobs.

    Not once in this post is the word "Empires" used, nor is it referenced, protected blocks are also not mentioned or referenced in this post. The only thing that is referenced is the mob spawning. This is my last post on this since you clearly aren't going to change your mind.
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  16. The solution to that is to light up the entire area. Invest in coal and wood and plant tons of torches around the place. Keeping a light level higher than 4 or 5 (from mind, I could be a bit off) prevents hostile mobs from spawning.
  17. -1

    No need for a bunch of lights. Personally I like building 'No Spawn' structures from the ground up. The immediate surrounding area usually covered in Bottom Half Slabs, and the great thing about the half slabs is even Creeper can't blow them up.

    It all comes down to knowing which blocks to use when building. Even Endermen can be denied.

    For an example check out my Skyway on SMP7 Frontier SE. It surrounds the OP at about 200 blocks out. Yeah, it's elevated, but a structure doesn't have to be elevated to be a 'No Spawn' structure.

  18. 8 or above is needed.
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  19. Gonna say -7 cause this isn't necessarily needed.