Protected Areas in the Wilderness?

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  1. So this is really more of a request/question. Ive been working in the wilderness on something recently. Ive been working in the wilderness becuase my 60x60 plot isnt big enough for what im doing. Ive been greatful that Justin created protected chests, though I want to take it a step further. I want to have an area in the wilderness that is similiar to Town, or Safe Spawns. The reality? I dont even know if this is possible. Im deathly afraid of griefers (paying poor respects to 9millionaire) and would LOVE for a way to stop the idea of griefing entirely. Yes, yes, I know. the wilderness was just MEANT for griefing huh? Well anyways. just a thought. Not sure if I could get a single area approved, or if it could become a public thing (Like locked chests). Justins so busy, so he doesn't log on often, which gave me the idea of a fourum. if anyone likes the idea, feel free to comment. if theres any Moderators or Admins that have an opinion as to weather or not this is possible, feel free to express. Thanks guys!
  2. If you got an area then wed have to give them to everyone. The wilderness is supposed to not be safe. The only way to get a bigger safe zone is to get a utopia lot. But if we start adding protected zones within the wild, it just takes away from the survival aspect and just makes it more of a creative server. Build in the wild at your own risk.
  3. Thanks Shaun, ill check it out. Mugatu, the idea was to either limit it, or have a monitered system, either with a limit, or a cost.

    EDIT: So I checked out that thread.... shame. ahwell. I suppose it COULD add to the interest. I need to start hiding things! Sadly its about 300x400 size plot! Well something like that! I need some more friends on SMP.3 to help me out =)