Proposed Creation: EMC Stock Exchange? [move?]

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Should I or anyone else build an EMC Stock Exchange?

No (wouldn't work, community wouldn't participate) 8 vote(s) 28.6%
Yes, sounds awesome! 12 vote(s) 42.9%
Meh. It depends on the community really 8 vote(s) 28.6%
  1. I hereby propose the following idea...

    EMC Stock Market!!!!

    Basically the way this works is that there are shares for shops, companies and otherwise successful businesses such as Leowaste's shop, AlexChance's shop, SecretAznEks shop,the Tardis, BloodDisciple and NurglesRott's store, etc.

    The prices of the shares are determined by whatever a person is willing to pay for it. All of this will be recorded on signs, and I am thinking about a system to pay people for "going public". I and possibly others will "man" this exchange, as well as approve businesses - some random shack on a barely developed res will not have shares. I would normally approve them all, but I would need to moderate all of this trading, so I'd like to limit it to only the shops that would actually be bought.

    EX: Leowaste goes public, and receives 50 or so shares for his shop (as many as he wants). If someone wants to buy it, they specify a price per share and the amount of shares, and Leo can accept or deny this request until they come to an agreement (or not). He would then confirm with me ("yes, they did actually pay me") that that person had bought # of shares for x price per share. This price per share would be recorded as well as the new owner of # number of shares (NOTE: I will also make local backups of these). The new price per share would be used as a baseline, but Leo and whoever else can buy and sell for whatever price they want, as long as both parties agree.

    The goal of this is to provide even more economic depth to EMC, because this is even more player based and one has to predict whether the prices will go up or down. I'd also like to suggest that people base what they are willing to pay on the success of the shop.

    Unlike the real world stock exchange, if someone owns a majority of a company's shares, they do not "own" the company, nor do they recieve ANY profit from the corresponding company's profit. The owner of the company is still determined by who has build/container, who owns the residence, etc.

    PLEASE NOTE: The only way to make money off of this is to TRADE stocks, not to keep them and make money off of htem (impossible without selling.)

    This will probably be limited to SMP2.

  2. It shouldn't be moved to another thread, first of all.
    Personally, I will back this up if it goes through. However, for it to go through, it has to get a lot of kinks worked out in respect to the EMC economy.

    Will this be housed in a physical building? If so, will the exchanges occur via chest-shops (buying a specified item, similar to donation chests) or using the /r pay system and some trust? And if this is anything like the real-world stock exchange, there is going to have to be a lot of coordination.
    What is the point of owning a share if you don't own a percentage of the company? I mean, the share will have to reflect the value and success of the company/shop in order to warrant any kind of risk/reward.

    This is a great idea, but a lot of people on EMC would not understand fully how this works, and to explain it would take lots of time. Plus, you would probably have to find a way to estimate the value of a company. There is no paperwork other than the Rupees History page, and that isn't terribly specific. If you valued it based on a players' rupee count, that would also be troublesome because they could donate 30k to a project, and their shop would 'suffer' as a result.

    Not really, other than what I've mentioned above.

    I strongly suggest that you start thoroughly thinking about how to feasibly make this work, little bro. There are so many obstacles that you'll have to run it through your mind a lot before you can actually start thinking about the details of making it work.
  3. Im guessing basically, people would pay for Stocks which would help the shop owner buy items to sell and if they sell a lot, the stockholder gets money?

    This is really confusing and a lot of younger players or people without a knowledge of the economy or what you are thinking will be confused.:confused:
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  4. I don't see the point. This would require extreme codin because dividing up each purchase between each user that holds a share would provide too much stress on the EMC cores.
  5. exactly, speculation or long term investment. it is not strictly based upon company value (rupees) but rather the way it is in real life, based on what people are willing to pay.

    They would buy shares from the people who own the shop when they are on, and that player (the owner) would confirm it with me.

    EDIT: Kirby, this will be entirely player-run and not an EMC mod.
    Meincravta, teh way to make money off of this is investment. The player receives no money from the profits of the company, simply from buying and selling shares.
  6. But why would somebody pay leowaste 15k rupees for shares that woul do nothing for him? Again, having the EMc cores divide up each purchase amongst all of Leowaste's 462.783 billion shareholders would destroy server integrity. Too costly.
  7. This would be awesome but complicated I bet Justin could figure it out
  8. Kirby: It would be way, way less than 15k. and even if it was, they would resell it for more, this is the way speculation, investment and profits in teh stock market work outside of the company itself. I am talking about trading stocks.
  9. god i keep getting ninja'ed
  10. I think I'll stick to just buying/selling items to make money. It's a lot simpler :p
  11. What would happen is that they can attempt to resell the shares to someone else who wants in on Leo's sweet shop. They will say "Gee, this is a great shop. These shares are worth 1k than when I bought them, because he improved." It's practically an investment that you can resell. (is that redundant?) Again, the server wouldn't have to store all the information other than what it already does. Plat is planning on using some of our resources to keep it run locally.
  12. Thats exactly the plan, there is no other aspect imvolved lol. Kirby and Secret and Meincravta are overcomplicating this -__-

    EDIT: oh wait, that said items didn't it. Thought you said "buying/selling stocks"
  13. The point of shares however is that a hate holder controls a portion of the business, and generate profits or loses et as te shop gets better or worse. Just throwing I stocks and trading them around would screw up the economy because if everyone with a large shop got shares, it would be like auctioning and selling enchanted dirt. I think II need to actually learn about stocks, and come back to this idea in a while.
  14. Fair enough, it is somewhat like enchanted dirt. The idea is to make a way to trade stocks and invest your money in something without actually buying anything real and without overcomplicating it, like in real life but without extra profit tied ot the company. The point of the company is to value the shares, for companies to make money, and for there to be something backign the shares (enchanted dirt wouldn't cut it lol).
  15. A... HATE holder? That sounds harsh.
  16. Wait, what? I was pretty much disagreeing with you... Getting rupees involved seems like way to much of a hassle and could result in quite a few scams :/
  17. I apologize. I am currently supposed to be asleep and I am on my idiotic little iPod touch, which jUst do happens to have a tiny keyboard and a nice little automated friend called AutoCorrect, hich everybody needs and des but nobody likes.
  18. I turn it off. My spelling is impeccable already xD
  19. Nab, see my edit.
  20. Ah ok, you had me really confused there for a bit :confused: