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  1. There are tons of ways to get EMC out there, but each and every one of them needs the community to get behind it. The Empire is amazing, but without us spreading the word, no-one else will ever know about this wonderful place! It's up to us, as a community to help spread EMC. And it's not hard at all. In fact, you can help in so many easy ways.

    Yes, I know that it gets mentioned all the time, but it really is important. Every single vote can move EMC up the lists, until we are in our rightful place - the top. What's in it for you? To be honest, not that much right now, but in the near future, we'll be getting some extra perks for voting. But it shouldn't be the perks that you vote for, it should be that you want to help the Empire. So do so now, and start voting before that time comes!

    Click here to vote on
    Click here to vote on Planet Minecraft (if you have an account, and love it here, then give it a diamond too!)
    Click here to vote on Minestatus
    Click here to vote on - this link goes to the EMC group, where you can vote for each server individually.
    Click here to vote on

    Get the signature!
    There's a great range of EMC signatures you can get for the various Minecraft forums - and better yet, you get 500r every time someone signs up using your link! If you post regularly on Minecraft Forum, Planet Minecraft or any other Minecraft community that allows you to use server banners, then get one!

    Click here to view the original EMC signatures
    Click here to view the new style signatures by Maxarias

    Remember to not go and make a thread about EMC or anything, as there's always an official one there somewhere. But if someone's looking for a new server to play on, and it sounds like they'll enjoy EMC, then let them know about us!

    1. Choose what signature you want to use
    2. Sign into Planet Minecraft
    3. Click this link
    4. Paste the link to the signature you want to use (eg: between the tags that appear.
      At the very beginning of the signature, add the code [.url=], and at the end put [./url]
    5. Your signature box should now look something like this:
    6. Scroll down, and click the "SUBMIT" button about half way down the page.

    1. Choose which signature you want to use
    2. Sign into Minecraft Forum
    3. Click this link
    4. Copy and paste the image into the editor - there's no need to mess around with copying the link on Minecraft Forum.
    5. [Optional] Center the image, it looks so much better...
    6. Highlight the image you pasted, then click the add link button
    7. Paste your referral link into the box that appears, then hit OK.
    8. Click the green save changes button.

    Show your amazing creations!
    Built something amazing on EMC that you want to share with the world planet? Well, Planet Minecraft actually lets you upload things you've made on servers, which, if you build something amazing on EMC, will drive more people here.

    STOP AND THINK. By uploading your res to Planet Minecraft, you're saying that you've built something amazing and it's finished. Please, if something is unfinished, or it doesn't look good enough, then don't upload it. Take the time to improve or finish it first, it'll do better in the long run. :) Also, DO NOT just blatantly advertise EMC there - it'll just get us into trouble.
    1. Signup or login to Planet Minecraft - it's web address is
    2. Click this link
    3. Fill out the title, category, progress (it's best to wait until something is completely finished before adding it though, unless it looks finished anyway), and description. If anyone else helped you, make sure you list them in additional credit - and make sure you fill the tags up with relevant words!
    4. Unlike most projects on PMC, you won't be uploading a map. Instead, you'll want to fill in the "Public Server" section - so that it contains these details:

      An example of what it should look like when it's done is this:
    5. Scroll back up, and click the "Images & Video" tab.
    6. Upload as many screenshots of your res as you can. Make sure they're good! (You can use F1 to hide the HUD and chat)
    7. If you have a YouTube video, paste the code into the box.
    8. Press save and let the PMC community gaze in awe.

    Get social!
    EMC's on social networks - get us noticed!
    • Follow @EmpireMinecraft
    • Our hashtag it #EmpireMC
    And there are so many more ways...
    I've only touched on a few ways that you could help promote EMC, there's loads more such as:
    • Making YouTube videos filmed here - make sure you link to the website in the description or in an annotation!
    • Draw fanart and share it on... arty sites.
    • Tell your friends IRL about an amazing place where you relax and play Minecraft
    • Tell your friends online about an amazing place where you relax and play Minecraft
    • Simply following the rules supports the Empire too - so if you can't do any of this stuff, then simply do that!
    The staff can make the updates, but it's up to us, the community to get our name out there! What are you waiting for, go for it!

    (Blame Xenoforo for the double spoilers)
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  2. 40K+ Players.....It's known.
  3. Ah, but how many of us actually vote and support the empire everyday?
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  4. less than 100
  5. I like the way you think! I am planing to make a good design in SMP5. I have a tall dirt tower called tower X- the tower pierces the clouds and still keeps going. I plan to make it taller and make my walls around my res boom in size. I might make a forum for it.
  6. Wow. An entire forum? :p
    But I don't see relevance to this thread…