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  1. Hey guys!!
    I have quite a bit of promos and I'd like to see how much they are worth, or they are promos at all!
    This is what I have.

    (1 of each) Valens, Saltar, Incitatus horse
    (3) Stable Vouchers
    (4) Cupid's Bow
    (4) Lucky Bow
    (2) Rudoph
    (3) Turkey Slicers
    (3) Haunted Heads
    (1) Super Dragon Poop!
    (4) 2014 EMC Birthday Cake
    (2) Holiday Pick
    (3) Maxarian Head
    (2) Flaming Mob Lauchers
    (1) Ore Buster
    (1) Turfinator
    (1) Everlasting Axestopper
    (1) Big Daddy Helmet
    (1) Bullet Proof Vest
    (1) Cactus Pants
    (1) Feather Falllling Boots
    (2) Labor Bench
    (2) 2013 4th of July Empire Firework
    (3) 2012 New Years Special Firework
    (4) Emergency Snow Clearing Device
    (4) Holiday Candle
    (4) 2014 New Years Special Firework
    (4) Dancer

    Ok I think that's it!! Please let me know what these are worth and/or if they are rare at all. :p

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  2. I valued it at 2,577,000 million rupees.
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  3. (1 of each) Valens, Saltar, Incitatus horse used-90k unused 130k
    (3) Stable Vouchers 10k
    (4) Cupid's Bow 25k
    (4) Lucky Bow 25k
    (2) Rudoph 60k
    (3) Turkey Slicers old 55k new 45k
    (3) Haunted Heads 32k
    (1) Super Dragon Poop! 45k
    (4) 2014 EMC Birthday Cake 12k
    (2) Holiday Pick 80k
    (3) Maxarian Head 18k
    (2) Flaming Mob Lauchers 140k
    (1) Ore Buster 150k
    (1) Turfinator 140k
    (1) Everlasting Axestopper 140k
    (1) Big Daddy Helmet 140k
    (1) Bullet Proof Vest 140k
    (1) Cactus Pants 140k
    (1) Feather Falllling Boots 140k
    (2) Labor Bench old 30k new 15k
    (2) 2013 4th of July Empire Firework 20k
    (3) 2012 New Years Special Firework 35k
    (4) Emergency Snow Clearing Device 30k
    (4) Holiday Candle 10k
    (4) 2014 New Years Special Firework 8k
    (4) Dancer 30k

    All of these are for each promo
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  4. Thanks so much this is exactly what I needed:)
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  5. yes; you have all those promos.
    (get it? the title is only "promo check" :p)
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  6. Haha that's not wha pt I meant :p
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  7. How much to sell those to me? I'll buy them all please.
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  8. I'm still debating on selling them or not because they hold some sentimental vaule to me :p but pm me and maybe we can work out a deal
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  9. I'll buy a lucky bow if you're interested in selling one.
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  10. Nevermind, someone heard I was looking and sold me one :)
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