Promos and Vouchers for Sale

Discussion in 'Selling' started by YourSireTyler, Aug 23, 2016.

  1. Available in chests at res 125 for these prices.
    Vault Vouchers - 7.5k Buy - 6k Sell
    2016 birthday cake - 12k Buy - 7.7k Sell
    Independence Day Firework 2016 - 15k Buy - 7.5k Sell
    Liberty Sword 2016 - 22k Buy - 12.5k Sell
    Meteor Bow - 15k Buy - 7.5k Sell
    Iron Supporter Voucher - 90k Buy - 80k Sell
  2. Do you still have the iron voucher for sale?
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  3. I should have one, i am getting on and will post if i do not..
  4. OH it looks like you already stopped by :)
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  5. I did.. xD Thanks :D
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  6. will you need more?